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Palmerton floral shop to close after 50-plus years

Times sure have changed since 1969.

But if there was one constant in Palmerton from then until now, it was the presence of Bob’s Floral Shop.

Even after all these years, the business managed to stand the test of time, someway, somehow.

After a prodigious run that spanned over a half-century, the iconic business at 340 Delaware Ave. plans to close in the next few days.

Owner Bob Everett said that it was simply time to call it a day for the business he opened on April 4, 1969, at the former Coca-Cola building.

By its very name, the business sold its share of flowers in the decades since.

Everett said he began his shop after a brief stint with the former Harwi Florist in Slatington.

Once told he should open his own shop, Everett didn’t waste any time.

In its heyday, he said Bob’s Floral Shop boomed when the Pennsylvania Lotto machines came in.

Back then, Everett said his lottery sales were through the roof. So much so, that one day he sold $790 worth of tickets.

The biggest winning ticket ever sold at the shop was for $219,000, Everett said.

Then along came other stores that sold lottery tickets, and box stores that sold flowers, making it harder to compete.

To his longtime patrons who frequented the business on a daily basis, it was about much more than any lottery ticket or flower ever sold.

For nearly as long as he owned the business, Everett played Christmas classics throughout the winter, which was a match made in heaven.

Everett said he always enjoyed having a front-row seat for borough attractions.

“I liked to watch the park, got to see festivals, see car shows, the Sidewalk Sale,” he said.

Upon his retirement, Everett said he plans to help out at the Country Junction in Lehighton, doing lawn work and such.

Everett, of Forest Inn, is married to his wife, Carol, and together, they have one son, two daughters, and five grandchildren.

Kelly Rodrigues, one of Everett’s daughters, said her father and his business meant so much to so many people.

“Being in town so long, he touched so many people,” Rodrigues said. “That’s community.”

Asked what he’ll miss most about closing, Everett didn’t hesitate to respond.

“The customers,” Everett said. “They weren’t like customers to me, they were more like family.”

Bob Everett, owner of Bob's Floral Shop in Palmerton, will soon close his doors at 340 Delaware Ave. after over a half-century in business. TERRY AHNER/TIMES NEWS
As he prepares to close his doors at 340 Delaware Ave., Bob Everett, owner of Bob's Floral Shop in Palmerton, is joined by his daughter, Kelly Rodrigues. TERRY AHNER/TIMES NEWS