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Letter to the Editor: What is happening to our children? To us?

What are they doing to our children? It seems to be coming straight from the colleges and universities on down through the ranks. The colleges/universities teach people to become teachers and send them out into our schools to teach the children.

However, those teachers have already been “taught” what to teach and at what ages to teach it. Then, the books which have been known as “good children’s books,” or “nice books for children” etc., are either pulled from the shelves, had words deleted/changed, or just been labeled as bad for children, etc., and completely removed, or perhaps destroyed? And then, to add to it comes this transgender thing!

Listen to the news, read the news, how often are children stolen, kidnapped, molested, and sometimes the molestation even occurs in their own home? What is happening to us, to people? Is it only in our dear USA?

Then, on to the nursing homes, what’s all going on there? Roommates stealing roommate’s clothes, watches, rings, things? Other patients or residents hurting each other?

Now, the border! This is not just a noncaring leader, it is simply an act of neglect, and leaving us to the will of our enemies. What would you call leaving the door open to intruders? These are not just illegal immigrants coming into our country, these are the enemy. Our enemy nations have not had to send in uniformed troops with guns/ammunition, tanks, bombs, etc. They’re just sending them in wearing plain clothes, and they disappear into our country, probably going to the “land our enemy has purchased!” where they can gather until they show their true selves. The real truth of our border is that this is an invasion! Of enemy troops, drugs, and those of us who won’t do drugs, they’ll somehow take out with fentanyl, etc. Is this enough? Need I go on? Is anyone out there scared yet? I am terrified for our lives, our families, our nation, the world! Can we get it back? or save it? I think now, I quit.

Ruthann Schlecht