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Letter to the Editor: The rich don’t care about us

Isn’t this just too great? Prices go up! Things cost too much to buy! Business slows down! People get laid off!

The wealthy don’t care about anyone! All they care about is getting more money! The ordinary guy can go to hell! They think let’s get re-elected. The heck with the country. The heck with the people. They’re doing great with their greed. We elected them.

How about tossing them out? How about using our brain? How about helping our people? How about making this a better country (even though it’s the best now) make it better!

Don’t worry about which party is in now (at present whenever). Make the people and the country better.

The rich don’t care about you. Put someone in who cares about our people and country.

I remain,

Robert (Ski) Siesputowski

Summit Hill