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Help keep our creeks and drinking water safe

The pure creeks and streams of the Brodhead watershed define our lives. You can’t go half a mile in our area without seeing a creek or hearing water. It’s so much a part of every day life, we take it for granted.

And yet, erosion, pollution and just plain not caring can change that in a New York minute.

StreamWatchers are the volunteer watchdogs who protect our pure water by visiting our creeks and streams once a month - and documenting the facts about changes in water quality and water quantity.

If you want to keep our creeks and streams safe, and have an hour or so just once a month, come find out about being a StreamWatcher.

The next local StreamWatcher training date is 10 a.m. Saturday.

Training and information sessions will be held at Brodhead Creek Heritage Center at 1539 Cherry Lane Road, near Analomink.

Naturalist Darryl Speicher will talk about the program and how you can help. Almost 100 sites are monitored throughout the watershed - one of them near you.

For more information on the association, call the Brodhead Watershed Association at 570-839-1120.

For information on what StreamWatchers do, go to https://brodheadwatershed.org/wp-content/uploads/Streamwatcher_flier_2022.pdf.