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Letters to the Editor: Why was scholarship dropped at Pleasant Valley?

As I was growing up in the coal regions of Northeastern PA, I saw firsthand how hard my dad had to work in the mines. Quitting school in the eighth grade, he helped support his family. As a coal miner’s daughter, I always was taught the value of an education and to work hard to get one.

Money for college, even today, has been a struggle for many in our communities. Costs are soaring and students struggle to find ways to finance their post-secondary schooling with loans and scholarships.

One very generous donor stepped up decades ago as I worked in the Pleasant Valley School District. I had the privilege of working with a representative from the Singer Family to coordinate up to four scholarships annually that changed the lives of PV kids with awards of $20K each. Recently the family had increased their generosity to $30K each! These blessed people love the PV community and its kids.

That has now ended!

We heard at this week’s Pleasant Valley School Board meeting that these life-changing awards have been abolished! The Singer Family C and E Foundation Scholarships totaling $90K minimum will not be awarded this year! When I asked for a reason, none was given.

I challenged the PV Board of Education to get to the bottom of this and to find answers for our struggling students who need assistance in funding their future education. Why have these generous, dedicated donors severed their 23-year relationship with Pleasant Valley School District? How can we repair any damage done and reestablish a working relationship, so these scholarships are restored for our kids?

I thank the Singer Family for its commitment to the Pleasant Valley community and I hope that the PV Board of Education is just as committed to resolving these issues now!

Kids come first, right?

Donna M. Yozwiak