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Time to look at ourselves

Now, about evolution and the green new deal!

In the beginning, God made it all and set everything in place, He started the whole thing! Along came the stone age, caveman age, ice age and I don’t know all the different ages which have come to pass. Even giants and dinosaurs etc., have been here and gone.

But, here we are, all sorts of things ruining our dear planet Earth, the air, water, and who knows what else? Trees are dying out, whales are dying on shore, animals are disappearing, and we don’t know about the sea-life and how much we are losing there.

Now, humans, in charge of things, are blaming it on ‘climate change’ and they are blaming us for ‘climate change’... have they completely forgotten about our GOD, who is truly in charge of everything? Perhaps this is His way of letting us know that we, the humans He created, have not been taking proper care of His garden!

Maybe, we and those ‘great people’ we have allowed to infiltrate our fine system of USA, maybe we need to think more seriously of the people for whom we vote into office, and of our own morals, etc.

Maybe we need to put some serious thought into what we believe in!

Maybe we need to get back to God?

Maybe it isn’t only us, the USA, maybe it’s happening all over the whole world! Maybe the whole Earth should begin thinking about what’s happening, not only to the Earth, but, to humankind over all the earth

I think I’ve about covered it all, so far as I’ve been able to, I guess it’s really up to each one of us, to truly think out our lives, our beliefs, and who or what our God is.

God help us all.

Ruthann Schlecht