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Letter to the Editor: Whatever happened to hospitals?

I’d like to know whatever happened to hospitals? When I was growing up, if you had anything serious wrong you went to a hospital. Child birth, appendix, hear, broken bones, rash or anything else. A hospital was one building you could go to for anything. Now no matter what it is you have to travel to different places to get different things done. I ask why?

These so called hospitals you have now are just fancy clinics with hotel prices. That’s wrong.

Now I’m seeing TV asking to help feed American kids. We send money to other places to feed people Why don’t we take care of our own?

I remember when electric, oil, food, homes and other things were a lot cheaper. We do most things the same way as in the past. Why (besides greed) are things more expensive? We all know prices aren’t going back down. We need to get rid of greed. You want to stop violence and shootings! Get rid of gangs and white supremacists! Stop selling weapons of war!

Robert (Ski) Siesputowski

Summit Hill