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New York couple opens an alpaca farm in Saylorsburg

Stephanie and Anthony Favale lived and worked in New Your City.

Stephanie was a designer and her husband for the New York Police Department in the canine division.

In 2017 they moved to Saylorsburg and started L’Eredita Di Favale, an alpaca farm.

“We always wanted a farm ever since we met. We always had birds, dogs and rabbits, but we were restricted to living in the Five Boroughs, because of my husband’s job with the NYPD,” Stephanie said.

Then when their kids were grown, the couple started looking around for a country home with enough acres to have a farm.

“So every property we were looking at was either a beautiful barn and the house was like a mobile home, or the house was a big house and the barn wasn’t big enough,” she said.

Finally after three years of looking at properties they found the perfect country home and barn, on Brick Church Road in Saylorsburg. “We kept driving past it and the both of us knew it was just what we wanted,” Stephanie said.

The people who sold the farm to the Favales were horse people, so the couple started investigating horses.

In the meantime, Stephanie remembered she had heard about alpacas from her uncle in Ecuador.

“I fell in love as soon as I saw the alpaca,” she said.

At first the couple was hesitant but then said, “Yes let’s just do It.”

They didn’t quit their jobs completely and still work three days a week and right now the farm is supporting itself.

“That’s OK, we love the animals and we like to sharing them with everybody, and that includes the gentle alpacas, two delightful dinkies you will wish you could put one in your car and chickens.

In addition to the animals, Stephanie has a store featuring alpaca yarn and clothing made from alpaca wool, as well as little large selection of stuffed animals made of pure Alpaca wool.

Alpacas are gentle, although they love company and thrive when around people and have their backs scratched, but not their head or face.

If you have never had the chance to meet an alpaca or two, you don’t know what you are missing, according to the owners of L’Eredita Di Favale in Saylorsburg.

They are open to the public noon to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, but visitors are suggested to call first to make an appointment at 570-580-0563. You can also email them at lerditadifavale@gmail.com and be put on an email list of free events. You can check them out on Facebook: L’Eredita di Favale.

Most Alpacas are very quiet and often make a soft humming sound to communicate .
Alpacas originated in South America and were imported to the United States in 1984.
Owner Stephanie Favale takes time to give one of the donkeys some attention and a treat.
The Favales have a store filled with alpaca wool, clothing made out of alpaca wool and many other items made from the wool of alpacas. One alpaca can produce 5 to 10 pounds of fleece per year.