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Letter to the Editor: Water authority has no accountability

With the recent Lansford Coaldale Water Authority price hike, I had messaged Vice Chairman Foster and budget preparer Krajcirik seeking justification for the price hike. Not surprisingly, I have not received anything in the past 6 months. Seeking assistance from Lansford Council, I received the following “jaw-dropper” from Council President Markovich: “Unfortunately under the Municipal Authorities Act, Council has no legal input into raises in water prices, pay raises or other expenses, nor are they required to obtain permission from us. In 2015, the charter for the Water Authority expired; at that time, Council could have and SHOULD HAVE enacted restrictions on the actions of the Water Authority, however Council at that time extended the life of the Authority for another 100 YEARS, with NO RESTRICTIONS.”

Members of the 2015 Council were: Rose Mary Cannon, Mary Soberick, Samantha Yasson, Joe Butrie, Colin Jones, Tom Vadyak and Martin Ditsky.

In my opinion, one of the biggest blunders in Lansford Council history; the Water Authority has absolutely 0% accountability to anyone, especially to us customers whose dollars they are spending.

Aye Yai Yai!

Len Sniscak