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It’s In Your Nature: Take Barry Reed’s visual test

I frequently get some photos, videos, or just a question on nature related items from friends or readers of my column.

Usually it is an animal they are unfamiliar with, or an unusual activity in which that animal was involved. I too sometimes see a bird under different light conditions, an unusual color pattern, or it simply presented itself in an unusual posture. After taking a photo, I can usually ascertain what I found.

I thought I would share some different photos of plants and animals that maybe you know already, or may be new to you.

I chose only photos of organisms that you could/would find here in the Times News coverage area so hopefully they aren’t too difficult.

I present this column in a test format but give you all the correct answers (plus a few unused ones) at the bottom of the page.

Of course, I included the correct answers for you too. See how you do with their identification. Good Luck.

Wildlife note: Even though a few robins may overwinter here, I’m reporting my first flocks of returning robins in northern Lehigh County (Jan. 28 and 29) - look for the first hardy “returnees” in your area soon, as well as a few blackbird species arriving about the second week of February.

Test Your Outdoor Knowledge: Which of these three local squirrel species is the smallest? Red squirrel, flying squirrel, or gray squirrel?

Last Week’s Trivia Answer: Ruby-crowned kinglets arrive in our area early to mid-April and are gone by late May. In Fall they migrate through our region until about mid-October. They don’t remain here to face the harsh winter elements.

Answer Pool for photos:

Magnolia tree, male rose-breasted grosbeak, spotted sandpiper, morning glory vine, milk snake, witch hazel flowers, muddy golf ball, common snipe, young black rat snake, fall web worms, tent caterpillars, dodder, Dobson fly, assassin bug, oak gall, catalpa tree, cedar waxwing, double crested cormorant, common loon

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