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Letter to the Editor: Lansford resident questions council’s actions

I am writing to encourage and urge Lansford taxpayers to attend the monthly meeting of the Lansford Borough council. I am a regular attendee and usually there are only one or two others present. I am motivated to write this letter due to answers to some questions that I asked which appalled me.

As on the agenda of the meeting was the adoption of the 2023 budget, I asked what did one mil represent. Not one councilperson could answer that question. They do not do the budget but should be able to answer simple questions.

I then stated my disappointment in the progress of the pool project. This was started in 2020 when a firm was hired to locate the leak. Several leaks were found going to the pump house but was not the cause of the major leak. Nothing was done until 2021. The same contractor began removing the walkway in order to replace the skimmers. Presently, the walkways are all torn out, but replacement skimmers could not be found. There were no contracts with that firm for either of the projects which he did. At the council meeting, the president informed me that he and a council woman toured the pool recently with a pool company which would get back to them with results. Whether the pool could or should be fixed. A pool company should have been involved from the beginning.

Regarding Hill’s Machine Shop, I asked if funds for payment of the building were budgeted. No, was the answer. I asked what happens if the anticipated grant for it did not come through in time. Answer, guess we don’t get it. So, I asked the event transferring the keys was just a sham as we do not own that building? I guess, was the reply. Now the president may have just be playing me, but the fact is true that the borough does not presently own Hill building. Need $75,000.

The borough presently has more funds than ever due to the railroad sale and COVID funds.

Rose Mary Cannon


(Editor’s note: The Lansford Borough Council will meet tonight at 6.)