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Letter to the editor: Thank an officer today

Courage, bravery, hero, public servant. These are all words that come to mind when you think of an individual in law enforcement.

When someone answers the call to serve and protect, they are doing more than that. They are often sacrificing sleep, holidays with loved ones, and potentially their life for the safety and security of their community. And yet, knowing the dangers of the job and the ultimate sacrifice that could be made during a shift, they report to work reaffirming the oath to which they solemnly swore.

The news about law enforcement being killed in the line of duty is heartbreaking and only continues to get worse. Sadly, Pennsylvania is among the top eight states with the most officers shot on the job in 2022. This is not a ranking we should ever celebrate. Those who were shot, some of whom perished, knew the dangers and continued anyway.

For the men and women of Pennsylvania’s law enforcement family putting their uniforms on this morning, I’d ask you to express your support and gratitude for them and their fallen peers on Jan. 9, Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

There are ways you can do this:

• Thank a police officer.

• Send a letter of support to your local and state law enforcement.

• Wear blue clothing.

• Change your social media profile picture to a message of thanks.

• Participate in Project Blue Light by shining a blue light on your home.

On behalf of Pennsylvania’s law enforcement community and their loved ones, thank you for your support not just today, but every day.

Joe Regan


Fraternal Order of Police, Pennsylvania State Lodge