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DeSchriver rankings: A couple of head-swiveling picks

Now that I have achieved none of my goals in life, I have a new one.

I want to be inducted - or at least my likeness - into the Bobblehead Hall of Fame, which is part of the Bobblehead Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Wait, you’re thinking: There’s a Tom DeSchriver bobblehead? How much is it? Where can I get it? Do you think it will be worth as much some day as a Honus Wagner rookie card?

No, there is no Tom DeSchriver bobblehead.

Which I guess should be the first goal - have one made.

After the wooden, rattling mini-me is sculpted, it’s on to the hometown of Laverne & Shirley.

It turns out it’s pretty easy to get into the museum, which has more than 10,000 bobbleheads on display in its brick-and-mortar building.

Phil Sklar, CEO and president of the museum, told me just to send him one and he’d put it on display. I want to be on a shelf with Phillie Phanatic Dugout (2014 giveaway), Willie Mays (1999 Giants giveaway) and Flo from Progressive.

The tricky part is the Hall of Fame, which has just one member - Pete Rose.

“We had an online poll in 2015 asking whether Pete’s Bobblehead should be the first one inducted into the Bobblehead Hall of Fame,” Sklar told me via email Thursday. “The vote was overwhelmingly in favor (close to 95%), so we inducted his bobblehead into the Hall of Fame.”

But that’s it. Uno. It’s hard to hold a vote when you’re tracking down bobbleheads of the cast from the Big Bang Theory, but Sklar hinted there will be an online tally this century.

“You can start campaigning now for a better chance of being inducted!” he said.

You should always have a goal.

No. 9 - Lehighton

Shakin’ my head with this team.

No. 8 - Panther Valley

I see the Phillies’ bandwagon is standing room only; I was wondering where everyone went after the Panthers lost a few games. Not a big Phillies’ fan, but if they play the Yankees in the World Series, I’m driving the Phanatic minivan.

No. 7 - Tamaqua

To put it bluntly: Northern Lehigh is not Pine Grove.

6 - Jim Thorpe

The Olympians go to Green Pond tonight. Where’s that? The place where a very ticked off Notre Dame team plays.

No. 5 - Pleasant Valley

Last rugged foe for the Bears - Freedom tonight.

No. 4 - Marian

A Stan Dakosty bobblehead? Intriguing.

No. 3 - Palmerton

Matt Michalik’s numbers this season - 1,664 yards passing on 97 completions (147 attempts), and he’s scored 14 touchdowns. Sounds bobblehead-worthy to me. ... And lest we forget, the Bombers have North Schuylkill tonight - they will need all of Michalik’s head-turning magic again.

No. 2 - Northwestern

The Tigers and Northern Lehigh have distanced themselves from the other schools in the TN coverage area. Too bad it was one and done between these two on Sept. 1 - Northern Lehigh will play in the Class A district playoffs with the Tigers in 3A.

No. 1 - Northern Lehigh

Nothing to add after last week’s big win except: Wow, double wow.