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Letter to the editor: Stupid policies hurting US, Europe

Definition of stupid implies slow to understand or making poor decisions based on foolishness or carelessness; lack of intellect. Most people make poor decisions not because they are stupid but rather because they are uninformed. When facts are known, people come to honest conclusions and act in their own best interests. Most intellectual reasoning does not apply to the U.S. government especially in the case of energy production and consumption. Under current government policy the world is thrust into energy crisis.

Government policy recognizes two drivers of the energy crisis: One is global warming and the second is the undeclared Ukraine War. Because of alleged global warming, the U.S. did everything to both shut down and destroy fossil fuel production. The globalists (Obama/Biden administrations and most of Congress) decreed climate change is real and rejected every counterpoint fact.

The consequence is worldwide fossil fuel shortages with no intellectual input into a transitional period from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Many countries ignore Obama/Biden global warming concepts and continue to march forward.

The U.S. is front and center paying the heaviest price for government climate change policy.

The Ukraine War is a repercussion of failure to adhere to Minsk Agreements. The U.S. wrongly convinced Europe to sanction Russia as retaliation for the war.

Sanction policy is an abject failure as Russia enjoys a growing economy, plenty of food and fuel, no inflation, little debt and increased world trade. In contrast, U.S. and Europe are experiencing economies in steep decline, food and fuel shortages, raging inflation and the largest national debt ever.

The ill advised sanction policy forced Russia to cut fossil fuel to Europe creating factory closures and a population facing a winter without fuel. Meanwhile Russia expanded trade with China, India, Iran, Turkey and most of Asia. The U.S. and Europe are locked in a prison of their own making.

The most crucial sea change from sanctions is the relationship cemented between Russia and Saudi Arabia, while at the same time Saudi Arabia sent Biden the beggar back to the U.S. with an empty cup.

Terrence Watto