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Letter to the editor: Water Authority needs to pay its fair share

I just read a letter to the editor saying we should say a prayer of thanks to have the privilege of the Bethlehem Water Authority in our county. Let’s see … they own 23,000 Carbon County acres, probably the largest county land owner, and pay a measly $20,000 in fees to our county and school districts. Really? We probably have a few individual homeowners who have a property tax bill that high. $8,528.00 to Jim Thorpe School District? Which of our natural resources is more valuable than our high quality water in that area? None of the water goes to Carbon County communities. I ask you homeowners in towns where the town provides your water - how much do you pay per year for that service? The amount the Bethlehem Water Authority gives back is like going back to the days when coal was king. That land has a single purpose use as water supply, yet since 2016 they have been trying to peddle it off for wind turbines and even solar panels. Do they even care about what they do to this “high quality” water supply?

Local residents have spent $250,000 of their own money fighting the ridiculous wind turbine proposal. Yeah, 600 foot windmills on our horizons, great idea!

Yes county commissioners, it isn’t your imagination - the insignificant fees they pay to the county and school districts can be generated from local lemonade stands. Time for them to pony up!

John Ferguson

Towamensing Township