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Carbon nixes ballot boxes

Carbon County will not have mail-in ballots drop boxes available to voters for the upcoming general election.

On Thursday, Commissioner Rocky Ahner announced that the county will maintain its position to not have a ballot box, because it doesn’t have the manpower to continuously monitor the box to comply with the rules.

Last week, the county election board offered discussion about the possibility of drop boxes and how parking was an issue for voters wishing to stop at the election bureau to hand in their ballot.

Ahner said the county didn’t have a drop box in the primary and officials feels it would be confusing to have it in the general election.

The county will designate parking spaces near the 44 Susquehanna St. building to allow voters easy access to drop off their ballot at the election bureau.

He pointed out that the staff and poll workers work long days to ensure a smooth election and felt adding the ballot box was a pressure that wasn’t needed.

“If someone says the election is not fair, they can’t be talking about Carbon County,” Ahner said. “I think our staff does an excellent job on what has to be done here.”

He urged voters who use the mail-in ballot option to return completed ballots in a timely manner once they are received in October.