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Help scientists by counting fireflies in your yard

People don’t have to leave their backyards to help scientists learn more about fireflies.

The Firefly Watch Community Science Project runs through the end of August, and asks participants to spend 10 minutes at least once a week observing fireflies in a single location.

It could be a nearby field, forest or backyard.

All firefly sightings - or lack thereof - are valuable, according to Mass Audubon, which is conducting the research with assistance from Tufts University.

From participants’ data, they’ll be able to map the locations of fireflies across North America.

“With your help, we hope to learn about the geographic distribution of fireflies and what environmental factors impact their abundance,” according to an announcement from Mass Audubon.

They will also learn if firefly populations are growing or shrinking, and what could lead to changes in their numbers.

Those interested should visit www.massaudubon.org/get-involved/community-science/firefly-watch.

The site offers information on how to participate in the study, maps with current and past firefly distribution and resources to learn more.

The email address is fireflywatch@massaudubon.org.