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Letter to the editor: We must get back to God

God gave us the United States of America because we had great leader, God-fearing leaders, who came to God for guidance.

We came through many battles and wars, and finally WWI and World War II, and we won, because we loved our nation and worshipped and believed in God.

We, the people, stood up for our troops, even Hollywood backed our troops and loved America.

It seems that is all gone now, there is much protesting, and destruction of our national monuments, and even good old Hollywood has gone awry and deserted our troops.

The Bible tells us many great nations have come and gone.

Is our dear USA next?

Look at what is happening! We are being taken from the inside out, the enemy is coming in “invited,” through our open border, like the cancer in our bodies invited via cigarettes and who knows what else, destroying us from the inside out.

And now, the talk of famine! Famine put upon us by the underhanded work of our leaders.

Yes, in Bible times there were famines. However, they were punishment on the people for their disobedience! This famine, is it punishment from God for our disobedience? It is expected, because of things our leaders are doing/planning? Are we sure this is not of Satan?

Biden and his “cohorts” and some colleges, breeding our teachers, school boards and unions, want to do evil to our little ones, and no mention of GOD!

God, who created us, male and female! Men and women, boys and girls! Are we to allow Satan to take over?

Mark 9:42, Jesus said, “If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were hung around your neck and you were thrown into the sea.”

Perhaps, we should be careful what is taught to our “little ones”?

Jesus loves them more than you know!

God help us all!

We MUST get back to God!

Are any of our religious leaders aware of this?

Ruthann Schlecht