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Letter to the editor: Thank you

Thank you to all the residents of Penn Forest Township. It was truly an honor and privilege to serve you for the past 29 years as your first woman supervisor. To all past and present supervisors, thank you for all the experience and knowledge I picked up along the way. This helped me so much to serve the township to the best of my ability. Mr. Thomas Nanovic, thank you for your expertise in legal matters and your friendship and kindness along the way. To all employees, you are the eyes and ears of the township. It was so rewarding to have such good employees, both past and present.

Thank you Paul Montemuro and Alan Katz for voting with me to get the ball rolling to place the recreational park to where it is today. To all veterans, enjoy the monument which will be dedicated to you for all the freedom. You sacrificed so much for us.

Thank you again residents of Penn Forest Township.

Respectfully yours,

Judith M. Knappenberger

Jim Thorpe