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Letter to the editor: Support the best candidate

Dear Editor,

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard the commentator speaking about endorsements and why he feels certain endorsements are a detriment to better candidates. The definition of endorsement - an act of giving one’s public approval or support - many times without ever meeting the one endorsed.

So many candidates seek endorsements from public, famous and wealthy figures, and unfortunately some of those figures “blindly” endorse lower-quality candidates without even checking out their credentials or qualities. It becomes all about the money, because you see most of these endorsements are bought and paid for, or bartered for.

In our current 7th District congressional race this seems to be common, by especially one of the candidates, and it has been mentioned several times that she cannot be beat because of her wealth, which by the way has been acquired through much of her business dealings in China.

The last time I checked, being rich isn’t a congressional qualification. The other candidate, Kevin Dellicker, seeks out good, everyday folks for their support and will not falsely accept endorsements unless the endorser actually knows him for who he is and has actually met and conversed with him. It is my hope that voters do their research, especially in this very important congressional race and conclude who is the better candidate, not because of all their money but because of one’s moral convictions, decent qualities and drive to do the most for our American freedoms.


Lauren Ganser