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Letter to the editor: Support Kost

To the Editor:

I urge voters to support Richard Kost who running to be Carbon’s state representative and will be on the ballot in the upcoming primary. For years we have heard our representatives in Harrisburg promise to solve the property tax problem. They have promised to fix the unequal funding of schools which results in students across Carbon County struggling with crowded classrooms and out-of-date textbooks while other public schools bank their surplus funds.

The politicians have promised to fix our roads and bridges and lower the cost of state government. None of these problems have been addressed. Richard Kost is not a politician. He is a lifelong resident of our county and a hardworking independent contractor. He worked his way through college and has a degree in political science. He may not be able to single-handedly solve these problems, but he won’t sit quietly while counties like ours are passed over and forgotten. Send a message to Harrisburg that we want true representation and not just business as usual. Cast your vote for Richard Kost.


Deborah A. Smith