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Letter to the editor: Support Dane Watro

My fellow Republicans, please join me in voting for Dane Watro for the House seat in the newly redistricted 116th Legislative District in the May primary. Being a retired Hazleton Area School District administrator I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with Dane in the schools in which we worked. He is a man of great principles and one who cares about the education of the children in our area. He proved to be an ardent supporter for children’s attendance in our schools and promises to be a strong advocate in acquiring the proper funding that will encompass improvement of education and increasing family engagement in our schools.

Dane stands up for what he believes to be fair and just. His public and military service speaks to the man that he truly is. He is endorsed by the Police Officers Association because he is concerned about the future of law enforcement.

The veterans endorse Dane because he served, came home, and then went back to duty after 9/11. He served abroad during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Dane’s a family man who is concerned about community welfare, pledging that “No community will be forgotten.” He has led a life of service including serving two terms as McAdoo’s mayor, making many improvements to the borough. He prides himself in being a people person, always wanting to benefit his constituents. This is evidenced by no tax increases while serving as mayor.

Vote for Dane Watro (No. 6 position on ballot) because he fights for what he believes in and shares beliefs of the common people. He works hard, serves others, loves his God, Pennsylvania, and his country. He strongly supports the creation of good paying jobs, reduction of crime by proper funding and support of our police, he opposes welfare fraud and opposes legislation that encourages fraud and wasteful spending, he wants to ensure that our older adults receive the services they need, and he supports the elimination of unfair school property tax.

Dane Watro is the best candidate for state representative of the 116th District.

I’m down for Dane. Are you?

Jocelyn M. Podlesney

Retired HASD Administrator