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Vote for Kevin Dellicker

I’ve spoken with both Republican candidates running for the 7th congressional district and I’ve decided that I will support the eventual nominee because both candidates tout conservative values with which I find much common ground.

However, my choice for the primary is crystal clear. Only Kevin Dellicker offers actual real-world experience when it comes to our nation’s security. This issue must be considered a top priority at a time when despot world leaders are bent on threatening and attacking our friends and allies abroad, and our current congresswoman chooses to hide under chairs when threatened.

Having served our country as an intelligence officer in the Air National Guard, including four overseas deployments working in foreign and domestic ops, and given the chance to serve as our Congressman, Kevin Dellicker will bring knowledge and personal experience to important congressional committees tasked with issues concerning the protection and sovereignty of our nation. Draw your own conclusions about his opponent’s China connections, but consider first the future and freedom for our children and grandchildren when deciding on May 17.

Speaking for myself, I am proud to endorse Kevin Dellicker for Congress. Sincerely,

Ronnie DelBacco

Former chairman, Lehigh Valley Tea Party