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Letter to the editor: Support Dane Watro

Dear Editor:

I would like to add my voice in support of Dane Watro, who is running for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives 116th District. I’m retired from the Pennsylvania State Legislature after 20 years and I can tell you candidate Watro has the experience to be your legislator.

He represented the residents of McAdoo for two terms as mayor. During his tenure he was involved and participated in budget preparation, ordinances and grants with no tax increase. His dedication is embedded in the community. These are the qualities you want in a person to represent you in Harrisburg with education, economic growth, infrastructure and crime.

Candidate Watro served his country in the Korean Demilitarized Zone and then again in Operation Iraqi Freedom. By doing so, he put his life in harm’s way so we can live a life of freedom.

Now it’s our turn to give support by voting Dane Watro - Ballot position No. 6 on Tuesday, May 17.

Jo Anna J. Shovlin

Retired PA House of Rep. Staff,

Retired York Area Regional Police Commissioner