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Letter to the editor: No sympathy for Biden

I have no sympathy for our doddering President Joe Biden. He had no business in his frail state running for the presidency.

If he was not aware of his declining mental faculties, surely, those around him were. He campaigned from his basement under the cover of COVID to conceal his senility.

He duped the populace by pretending to be a “moderate” and “unifier” but once elected, veered hard left, guided by the socialist Democrats who viewed him as an empty suit that could be easily manipulated.

Now, realizing that their policies have failed, they are attempting to stay in power by buying votes through increasingly generous social programs and canceling student loans, putting further burdens on middle class taxpayers who couldn’t afford to send their own kids to college.

We should always assist those in need, many social programs are a godsend to those in dire straits, but these programs were never meant to be intergenerational, and should not be so lucrative as to sway one from legitimate employment.

The good book tells us “we live by the sweat of our brow.”

As for Joe Biden running again in 2024, I am reminded of that adage, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

Frank Goss