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Support Dane Watro

Dear Editor:

My letter is one of support for Dane Watro who is running for state representative in the new 116th District. I want all to know that Dane, the person who I have come to know, is an individual who is community based.

During his eight-year term as mayor of McAdoo there were no tax increases. Also, during his tenure, roads were paved and new sidewalks throughout the entire Route 309 were installed.

He accomplished this without putting any burden on the taxpayers.

Coming from a family of veterans and law enforcement officers, I appreciate that Dane, both a U.S. Army veteran and troubled youth counselor, will stand behind law enforcement and strive to properly fund and train police departments. Can you imagine what he can accomplish for our 116th District in Harrisburg? We need Dane in Harrisburg to give the 116th a solid voice.

Republicans: Vote for Dane Watro, ballot position 6 under state representative on May 17.

Terri Cardamone

East Union Township