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2022 primary election: Kost announces bid for the 122nd District seat

Democrat Richard Kost (rhymes with most) has announced his candidacy for the 122nd House District. A lifelong resident of Carbon County, Kost runs his own business as an independent contractor. He is a member of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Palmerton and serves his community as Vice President of the Palmerton Civil Service Commission.

Like many in this county, his grandparents were immigrants from Ukraine and both his father and grandfather worked for the New Jersey Zinc Company of Palmerton. Kost is a Palmerton High graduate and received a degree in political science from Kutztown University.

He is father to two girls and a proud grandfather. He enjoys fishing and hunting in the area, and he is an avid fan of NASCAR.

Kost explains why he is running, “I think I represent the feelings of most Carbon County residents. I am concerned about a number of issues, including high property taxes, the state of our bridges and roads, and the unequal funding of schools. Our legislators have promised again and again to solve these problems, but there has been no action. If I am elected I will not be going along with the status quo. I intend to speak for rural areas like Carbon County.”

Kost said, “The tuition at state universities has more than doubled since I attended. That means that our children cannot afford a college education unless they take on a mountain of debt. And the schools in this area should be funded the same as suburban schools like Parkland. It is not fair that Panther Valley struggles to buy textbooks while other schools worry about their heated swimming pools. I believe that counties like ours have been forgotten by the Legislature.”

Kost thinks that state government costs too much and cited the fact that our state representative receives a salary of over $90,000 per year.

“I wouldn’t mind paying if they actually did the work, but problems persist year after year.”

Kost says, “I am not a career politician. I am running because I believe our local representative needs a wake-up call.”