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Letter to the editor: Woke madness

We have a transgender female swimmer with male genitalia winning an NCAA Division I championship. We have kindergartners being taught that they can change their gender identity without parental consent. Boys can be girls and girls can be boys. We have Disney eliminating gender-specific pronouns like boys and girls and ladies and gentlemen. When asked about the use of prince and princess, Disney replied, no comment.

We have obscenely high food, gasoline, energy, housing and vehicle prices and Joe Biden’s solution is to go out and buy a $110,000 Tesla S. We have a historically high crime rate with soft prosecutors in charge. We have 300 deaths per day stemming from a potent deadly strain of fentanyl coming across our open southern border. We have 200,000 mostly adult male nonvetted illegals entering our country every month, being dropped off in our cities in the middle of the night, with known gang members, human traffickers, rapists, murderers and terrorists among them.

Meanwhile, the very few Ukrainian war refugees (women and children) we accept go straight to detention centers. The Biden administration is weak when it should be strong. Our enemies know this and they are plentiful. We were energy independent under Donald Trump and now we buy our oil from dictators and despots. We are told by a prominent U.S. farmer to expect to pay $1,000 a month more for food and to expect catastrophic food shortages. Biden says that’s the price we have to pay because of Putin, not because of his own failed policies.

When is enough, enough? Is it now or after we become Venezuela. The once richest country in South America succumbed to hyperinflation and is now a country ravaged by crime, disease, starvation and death. We must change the direction of our beloved country. The America last Democrat party must be defeated, voted out of office in the midterms. If we don’t stop them now, our grandchildren will be speaking Mandarin, toiling in China-owned U.S. meat processing plants. The path to victory begins in November. That is when we take our country back.

Wanda Dietz

Franklin Township