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Letter to the editor: Not serving the people

Elected officials are supposed to serve the wishes of the people they represent but not in Lansford, Carbon County.

First they obtain property from Silberline that resulted in a tax loss and no plan.

Second they obtain the former freight station again a tax loss with no plan or moneys to rebuild. The president of council stated on the news about running shuttle buses from there. I couldn’t stop laughing, to where? The Welsh Church or the jail.

Now our Lansford-Coaldale Joint Water Authority announced they are raising our rates $15 a quarter. But each board member gets around a $1,000 a month plus some get health care benefits, and money going toward a pension. How many hours are each one working per week? The superintendent got a $3 an hour raise, but when is he there?

What is Lansford council doing about this - nothing. What is the former solicitor of Lansford Borough now Carbon County District Attorney doing about this - nothing.

I have the information in front of me from the Lansford-Coaldale Joint Water Authority.

Tommy J. Vadyak