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Letter to the editor: Support Watro for 116th District

My good friend Dane Watro is running for the House seat in the newly redistricted 116th. Dane is a two-time veteran who served, came home, and then went back into duty after 9/11. He served abroad during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He served two terms as the mayor of McAdoo, during which there were no increases in taxes and many improvements to the borough.

He worked earlier in his career with troubled youth. Dane has spent his entire adult life in the service of others. He would like to continue that service as the next House Representative of the 116th district. He is a strong advocate of our First and Second Amendment rights. He is both humble and strong, professional but tenacious. He is a fighter, a worker, and is focused on the issues which many of us share here in the commonwealth.

Dane is formally endorsed by Lou Barletta, who many know as past mayor of Hazleton and Representative of the 11th District, now in his own race for governor of Pennsylvania. Lou Barletta has much praise for Dane’s work ethic, his understanding of the issues facing Pennsylvanians today, and has stated how much he is looking forward to working with Dane.

I would ask the residents of the new 116th to please stop by Dane Watro’s campaign headquarters in the Goodfella’s Plaza, across the road from the Church Hill Mall, to pick up some of the materials there which in greater length go over his impressive background, and if you are so inclined, please take a yard sign. Republicans, please vote for the No. 6 position ballot in the primaries, Dane Watro for our next representative.

Liz Tolan

Eagle Rock