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Letter to the editor: Thanks for support

The Bott family would like to extend our sincerest gratitude, to everyone, for the support through these tough times over the past couple of weeks. We truly appreciate anybody that was able to attend the service, supplied food during the week and for the meal after the service, helped organize the meal, anyone that has had a kind word to say in passing, and of course our extended family at the Mauch Chunk Rod & Gun Club.

It is amazing to see the outpouring of support through scholarship donations, calls, texts, cards and positive words said about our loss of Pete Bott Sr. It is a true loss for anybody that was able to experience his wit, infectious laugh and overall charming personality. As has been said, “he was one of a kind, larger than life.” He was a “big fish, in bib overalls, in a small pond.” He has left a lasting impact and leaves us in awe of all the people he was able to touch over the years.

We would like to submit his last article that he was writing to the Times News. We would like to see his opinion shared for one last time, which he has done on a few occasions to the editor of the Times News:

Sunday afternoon, Jan. 30, nothing to do so I took a ride. Rode by a friend’s house, he was not home. Half block away, saw a gal on a bike. Recognized her and she followed me to her home. She was fixing some clothes for me and told me they were done. Got the clothes, paid her and she said she had just seen my brother. Maybe I could catch him where she saw him. It was at the Bright Path Brewing, a new establishment in town.

As I entered the door, heard some boisterous noise. It was the friend I first left to see. I wanted to stop to check out the place since they started, but always had somewhere else to go. Glad I stopped and got to meet the fellows who run the place. Got a tour of the place. Got to taste some good brew. A win, win, win for me. The place is a top of the line facility. Friendly people and good brew. What more could you ask for, and right in my own backyard. It could be a regular stop? I think the Bright Path will have a bright future, I surely hope so.

A Native Chunker,

Pete Bott

E. Mauch Chunk

So in closing, please continue to share the stories about our father, brother, uncle. We know his heartwarming demeanor and legacy will never fade.

Thanks again,

The Bott Family