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Local man wins Publishers Clearing House prize

Dave Sayer, a Prize Patrol Ambassador for Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes flew all the way from Florida on Thursday to award a PCH prize to Andrew Salmon of Brodheadsville with a vacation valued $19,313, or the cash value of the vacation.

“The check can be used for vacation or for cash, either way,” Sayer said.

The only thing is when the PCH Prize Patrol knocked at the door, Salmon’s fiancee, Lisa Whesper, opened the door and said he wasn’t due home for another two hours or so.

This has never happened before according to Sayer, so the next best solution was to have Whesper make a FaceTime call to her fiance and have Sayer tell him on the call he had won the PCH prize.

Salmon was having trouble believing it, and he kept repeating he couldn’t believe it.

Sayer showed him the flowers, balloons and a bottle of Champagne, and added as he took the real check from his pocket, and held it up to the phone, “Trust me the check is good, so you can start shopping on your way home tonight.”

Lisa Whesper answered the door when the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol arrived with a prize for her fiance, Andrew Salmon of Brodheadsville, who wasn't at home. He received the good news via FaceTime. See a video at tnonline.com. AMY LEAP/TIMES NEWS