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Letter to the editor: Abortion

It is the killing of a new human being, the taking of a life, isn’t that called murder?

That is the killing of a new human being, a baby, that which began as a result of the CHOICE of two human beings, to have a sexual relationship, which, in itself, may or may not have been illegal. A relationship which is supposed to be reverent feeling for each other within the confines of marriage, the result of which may or may not be a baby! And upon being chosen outside of marriage makes that relationship illegal, which does not give either of those two human beings the right to kill that baby, just because either of those two decided he or she did not want the result of their indiscretion, does not give either one the right to destroy it.

Yes, it is your body, and you have the right to choose what you will do with your body. The result of your choice may result in something you do not want to deal with, but not to destroy that God-given life.

This applies to ALL human beings, Christians, Jews, Catholics, atheists and all others.

God created us all! Whether you like it or not.

Just another note, I remember, growing up, abortion was only allowed if the birth of the child could or would take the mother’s life, or as a result of rape or incest.

Ruthann Schlecht