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Lansford store gives clothing new life

A new family business in Lansford offers affordable fashion at a convenient location in town.

Good Enough Too Be New recently celebrated their grand opening at Ridge Street.

The clothing store has something for everyone - newborn to XXXL - with most items costing under $5.

“The prices are very reasonable, and there’s stuff here for everybody,” said Terri Acker, co-owner of Good Enough Too Be New.

“Good Enough To Be New” is more than just a name. The business carefully chooses the clothing and shoes it sells. Nothing with stains, tears or odors makes it onto the rack.

“We take a lot of pride in our store,” said Acker’s fiance and co-owner, Ronald Derr Jr.

If a particular size of clothing item is out of stock, they work with customers to find them.

They offer a wide range of discounts including for veterans and first responders. Shoppers can also save by donating their own clothing.

Clothing ranges from everyday to formal, with prom dresses and name brand handbags for sale.

The store is staffed by Acker, Derr and his two daughters. Barbara, 16, and Ariel, 13, help decide which clothes they should keep in stock.

“It’s interesting to see people come in and see their sense of style,” Ariel Derr said.

The family previously shopped at another clothing store which occupied the same space but closed earlier this year. They put a spin on the name of the old store - Too Good To Be Threw - and launched the new business.

They saw an opportunity to serve people who live in the Panther Valley and don’t have a car, or just don’t want to spend the prices at bigger stores.

Ronald says he’s excited to be a part of the business community in Lansford, a town he’s called home for two decades. They’ve already participated in events like the Moonlight Market, which allowed shoppers to visit businesses which might be closed during the day.

Since they opened, they’ve seen the benefits of working with their neighbors. Businesses like Serina’s Bakery & Cafe, Porvaznik’s Flowers and Gifts, Zimmerman’s Dairy and Giant, helped provide refreshments and decorations at their grand opening.

“We don’t look down upon each other, we help each other, and that’s what’s going to help the business district,” Derr said.

Good Enough To Be New is located at 50 W. Ridge St., Lansford. For more information, look up Good Enough Too Be New on Facebook, or call 570-393-7700.

The team at Good Enough Too Be New, front to back, Ariel Derr, Terri Acker, Ronald Derr Jr., Barbara Derr and Seven Lesane. CHRIS REBER/TIMES NEWS