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Jim Thorpe School board’s reckless actions

Mr. Frassinelli’s article concluded with the idea that the Jim Thorpe school board decision concerning guidelines and actions regarding COVID-19 was a knee-jerk reaction.

I submit his article is the knee-jerk reaction to guidelines from the state departments of health and education. Our country is in trouble on many fronts because uninformed people blindly accept the guidelines of so called “experts.” In this case the experts are the state departments of health and education.

News flash, Mr. Frassinelli, there are tens of thousands of people in the medical community around the world who completely disagree with the state’s assessment and guidelines.

You stated the state’s recommendations are based on science and medical information. Instead of accepting that idea out of hand, you should do some independent research.

Much of their so-called science, may I say it, is based on personal gain. Big pharma (the largest lobbyists in the world) and their mouthpieces like Fauci pocket gigantic sums of money.

Mr. Frassinelli: did you ever research the efficacy of wearing masks or the fallacy of 6-foot social distancing?

Here is my knee-jerk reaction after many hours of research: The more you know about the mask fallacy, the less likely you are to wear them. The more you know about social distancing and quarantines, the less likely you are to accept them. Finally, regardless of individual conclusions every citizen has the right to free choice when it comes to their body.

Mr. Frassinelli, if you choose to wear a mask that is up to you. Don’t forfeit the right of free choice to others who disagree.

I applaud the Jim Thorpe School Board for making a courageous decision in the face of enormous social pressure. My prayer is others will follow their lead. It shouldn’t be about gigantic profits for vested interests, but rather what is best for the public at large and especially our children.

Dr. Terrence Watto