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Letter to the editor: Hate on display

I’m writing in response to the “Keep an eye on Pleasant Valley” letter written by L. Ernie Foucault about the new PV school superintendent, who he falsely accused of bringing “racist CRT programs” to our schools.

I was disappointed that the Times News saw fit to publish this hate speech. He added nothing to the conversation, produced no facts or anything of value. All his letter did was to contribute to the racism running rampant in our community. He blatantly accuses Temple University of teaching black rage, simply because it has a large black student population.

Spend time outside one of the West End polling places on Election Day, or attend a school board meeting (they have calmed down a bit at PV, now that state police have a presence there). I guarantee that you will be shocked and dismayed. Maybe a little frightened at how our community is devolving.

I read the TN editorial letters, hoping to learn something. Not to see hate on display.

PS: The constant editorial features by Michael Reagan are in the same category as the above. Facts, intelligent ideas and discourse are nonexistent. Fearmongering is Reagan’s only goal. He and his ilk are a threat to our democracy.

Linda Zak