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Give students the truth

Congratulations to the TN for the letter which invites us to “keep an eye on Pleasant Valley” school district. It is encouraging to learn that those students have a chance of not being subjected to the “whitewashed” version of American history that we older folks were given in school.

Time to let the kids know about some of the really nasty things done by us white folks to Native Americans, persons of nonwhite skin color, individuals with “different” sexual orientations, different religious or nonreligious preferences, Asians, people with physical and mental disabilities, etc. Let’s give students the truth and the full story so they can learn to see everyone else as equals.

It is obvious that people who negatively use the labels “critical race theory” and “woke” are just continuing the big lie about white-skinned uniqueness and supremacy and are attempting to retard our students and fellow citizens from learning what it truly means to live in a land of liberty, freedom and opportunity. With a balanced view of our history and how to peacefully live in society, we may yet achieve a true democracy.

David C. thor Straten-Mohr