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Carbon County property transfers

Deeds recorded

Beaver Meadows

Bernadine Kranyock to Samler Property Management LLC, Freeland, two transactions, parcels No. 125A-5-C18 and 125A-5-C18.01, $5,500 each.

East Penn Township

Joyce Steigerwalt to Ethen Cole, 1229 E. Lizard Creek Road, Lehighton, property at 1229 E. Lizard Creek Road, $250,000.

Allen P. Goodhile to Austin J. Ahner, 350 E. Sunset Road, Lehighton, property at 350 E. Sunset Road, $220,000.

Robert W. Quinn to Bobbie Jo Oglesbee, 331 E. Lizard Creek Road, Lehighton, property at 331 E. Lizard Creek Road, $110,000.

Joy Barndt to Wilbert O. Hoffman Jr., 50 Laurel Spring Road, Lehighton, property at 50 Laurel Spring Road, $220,000.

Franklin Township

Robert D. Berger Jr. to Gerry Lee Berger, 190 Reber St., Lehighton, property at 190 Reber St., $1.

Zbigniew Dos to Woodrow Robins, Bensalem, Lot 3, Joseph and Lillie Kriss Plantation, $48,000.

Alison B. Kline to Kyle A. Heckman, 93 Main Road, Lehighton, property at 93 Main Road, $190,000.

Jim Thorpe

Blue Ridge Real Estate Company to 65 High Street LLC, 49 Race St., Jim Thorpe, segment of unopened alley behind 49 Race St., $250.

Zoraida Rivera to Candice M. Memoli, 63 W. Broadway, Jim Thorpe, property at 63 W. Broadway, $180,000.

Tara Marzen to Shawn A. Skrimcovsky, 627 Lehigh St., Jim Thorpe, property at 627 Lehigh St., $1.

Brian J. Hartman to Brian J. Hartman, 417 South Ave., Jim Thorpe, Lot 13A, Brian J. and Heike A. Hartman Reverse Subdivision, $1.

Carole J. Pompa to Carole J. Pompa, 38 W. Chipmunk Trail, Jim Thorpe, property at 38 W. Chipmunk Trail, $1.

Bryan Brown to Michael Gerber, 206 South Ave., Jim Thorpe, property at 206 South Ave., $84,000.

Kidder Township

Mark A. Keck to Thomas M. Hodgdon, Chalfont, property at 27 Down Hill, Lake Harmony, $196,000.

John R. Makara to Cheri L. Fisher, 144 Telemark, Lake Harmony, property at 144 Telemark, $197,000.

W. Wayne Dunlop to Angela Guerrera, Haddonfield, New Jersey, property at 48 Aspenwall, White Haven, $312,500.

David Burgess to Mary Manley, Drexel Hill, property at 59 Game Drive, White Haven, $182,500.

Thomas Morris to Jason Rossignol, Palmyra, New Jersey, House 149, Snow Ridge, Section B-1, $225,000.

Bob A. Shink to Colleen Carter, Wilmington, Delaware, property at 82 Alpine, Lake Harmony, $187,000.

Michelle Blauth to Boulder Lake LLC, 47 Warbler Court, Lake Harmony, property at 47 Warbler Court, $153,846.

Eileen C. Duggan to Kenneth E. Pliska, P.O. Box 753, Lake Harmony, property at 77 Forest Drive, Lake Harmony, $310,000.

Leonid Pilishuk to Brianna Marie Villani, Nazareth, property at 37 Summit Wind Drive, Lake Harmony, $350,000.

Adam J. Weikert to Alexis Arena, Bryn Mawr, property at 14 Bruin Court, Lake Harmony, $525,000.

Alexandru Mican to Alexandru Mican, Jersey City, New Jersey, Lot 405 A, Alexandru Mican Lot Joinder Plan, $1.

Robert C. Ransone to Therealestatedisruptors LLC, 197 Moseywood Road, Lake Harmony, property at 197 Moseywood Road, $610,000.

Jeffrey McVeigh to Aliaksei Patsiomkin, 92 Mohawk Trail, Albrightsville, property at 22 Tanglewood Drive, Albrightsville, $152,750.

Christopher Henry to Ashish Dabas, Hoboken, New Jersey, property at 21 Ironwood Lane, Lake Harmony, $268,000.

Jeffrey Van Lange to Yogesh Ravanan, Warren, New Jersey, property at 16 Mountainwoods Drive, Lake Harmony, $273,500.


Repinec Irrevocable Grantor Trust to Yvonne E. Hoffman, 437 W. Patterson St., Lansford, property at 437 W. Patterson St., $69,900.

Lausanne Township

Anthony Mannino to Daniel Joseph Fedak Sr., Harveys Lake, property on Buck Mountain Road, $150,000.


Robyn J. Williams to Andrew Daniel Matias, 392 S. Second St., Lehighton, property at 392 S. Second St., $130,000.

Nathan R. Foeller to Matthew A. Treible, 202 Carbon St., Lehighton, property at 202 Carbon St., $108,000.

JD Trademark Homes LLC, to Anthony Berger, 340 N. Second St., Lehighton, property at 340 N. Second St., $165,000.

Ricky P. Bjorkman to Brian Stull, 200 S. Ninth St., Lehighton, property at 200 S. Ninth St., $217,000.

Thomas A. Zimmerman Jr. to David K. Zimmerman, 808 Bridge St., Lehighton, property at 808 Bridge St., $1.

HMB Investments LLC to Chalsa Reichard, 110 Bridge St., Lehighton, property at 110 Bridge St., $115,500.

Lehighton Sewage Authority to W&W Holdings L.P., Scranton, Lot 2, Lehigh Drive, $2,500.

Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church to Northeast Pennsylvania Synod of the Evangelical Church in America, Allentown, property at Fourth and Mahoning streets, $1.

Lower Towamensing

Elizabeth Dworak to Richard L. Graham, 2380 Lower Smith Gap Road, Kunkletown, property at 2380 Lower Smith Gap Road, $316,000.

Carbon County Lion/Lioness Fair Association to Carbon County Lion/Lioness Fair Association, P.O. Box 633, Lehighton, five transactions, properties at 3005 Little Gap Road, 2985 Little Gap Road, 40.965 acres along Little Gap Road, 269.515 acres along Little Gap Road and 372.465 acres along Little Gap Road, $1 each.

Kimberly M. Kistler to David Bell, 365 Little Gap Road, Palmerton, property at 365 Little Gap Road, $163,000.

Manuel Nieves to Eric Stephen Gross Jr., 3540 Fireline Road, Palmerton, property at 3540 Fireline Road, $265,000.

Vincent Cardenas to Collin Eckhart, 3380 Little Gap Road, Palmerton, property at 3380 Little Gap Road, $180,250.

Keith Alan Renken to Keith Jost, 186 Kenneth Lane, Palmerton, property at 183 Kenneth Lane, $350,000.

Gladys Guld to James Green, P.O. Box 18, Palmerton, parcel No, 28-32-C7.26, $10,000.

Eleanor F. Williams to Brett J. Williams, 530 Sunny Rest Road, Palmerton, property at 530 Sunny Rest Road, $1.

Mahoning Township

Dack Carbon Associates L.P. to Carbon Plaza Shopping Center LLC, Branchburg, New Jersey, property at 1241 Blakeslee Blvd. Drive and Route 443, $14,446,039.50.

Kristi Gollick to Douglas Gollick, 87 Jamestown Drive, Lehighton, property at 87 Jamestown Drive, $1.

Kayla M. Poole to Kevin M. Greene, 735 Beaver Run Drive, Lehighton, property at 735 Beaver Run Drive, $120,500.

Peter J. Maier to Jacob Willis, 380 Center Road, Lehighton, property at 380 Center Road, $212,000.

Daniel Ivan Jaremczuk to Alexander Pryszlak, Croydon, Lot A-114, Ukrainian Homestead, $17,482.50.

George W. Horn to Henry Attenborough, 3131 Applebutter Road, Danielsville, parcel No. 83C-38-C21, $2,867.

BP Developers Inc. to Nicholas J. Weinrich, 238 Pleasant View Drive East, Lehighton, property at 238 Pleasant View Drive East, $403,470.

Barbara S.A. Heckman to Barry C. Riegel, 346 Birchwood Drive, Lehighton, property at 346 Birchwood Drive, $280,000.

First Northern Bank and Trust Company to BP Developers Inc., 922 Interchange Road, Suite 101, Kresgeville, Lot 49, Phase 1, Bambi Lane, Summit Ridge Development, $28,000.

Marlin R. Frey to Frey Cooper Farms LLC, Fogelsville, three lots along Mahoning Drive West, $200,000.


Ronald J. Kusko to Tracey Olmo, 102 Rhume St., Nesquehoning, property at 102 Rhume St., $130,000.

Ametek Inc. to Westchester Plastics LLC, Berwyn, property at 42 Mountain Ave., $1.

Gregory Aaron to Chris Feidler, 1052 Dekl Drive, Walnutport, property on Railroad Street, $70,000.

Charles H. Field III to Scott Gergar, 163 E. Center St., Nesquehoning, property at 163 E. Center St., $171,000.

Susan Harleman to Susan Harleman, 100 E. Diaz Ave., Nesquehoning, property at 100 E. Diaz Ave., $1.

Rong Chgen to Zengqiang Yang, 101 E. Columbus Ave., Nesquehoning, property at 101 E. Columbus Ave., $48,000.

Bobby D. Smith to David W. Jones Jr., 347 W. Catawissa St., Nesquehoning, property at 347 W. Catawissa St., $10,000.


Scott Oncheck to Douglas Bartels, 761 Lafayette Ave., Palmerton, property at 761 Lafayette Ave., $178,125.

Stevi Whiteman to Megan K. Fredericks, 1006 Princeton Ave., Palmerton, property at 1006 Princeton Ave., $150,000.

Richard L. Graham to Travis J. Labyack, 566 Lafayette Ave., Palmerton, property at 566 Lafayette Ave., $159,900.

Michael Dankanich to Michele L. Dailey, 538 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, property at 538 Lehigh Ave., $1.

Shirley Kuntz to Barry L. Ruch Jr., 835 Columbia Ave., Palmerton, property at 835 Columbia Ave., $230,000.

Lucia Garcia to Savitri Undercuffler, 366 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, property at 366 Lafayette Ave., $211,000.

John F. Stefanik to Amanda Lynn Bender, 864 Lafayette Ave., Palmerton, property at 864 Lafayette Ave., $165,000.

Grace D. Vargo to Carlo A. Oller Gonzalez, Kennesaw, Georgie, property at 825 E. Princeton Ave., $252,500.

Penn Forest

Oliva A. Luib to Julie Hynes, Bridgewater, New Jersey, Indian Mountain Lakes Lot 501, Section B, $15,000.

Frank Casper to Melissa Balgobin, Queens, New York, property at 67 Hunt Trail, Albrightsville, $162,000.

Donald J. Smith Jr. to Cheryl Gillen, 117 Buckhill Road, Albrightsville, property at 117 Buckhill Road, $144,900.

Joseph Grimaldi to Clark R. Smith, 143 Algonkin Road, Jim Thorpe, Lot 296A, Section C, Pleasant Valley West, $1.

Evan S. Avdoulos to Nicholas M. Flores, Germantown, Maryland, Lot 1421B, Section III, Towamensing Trails, $75,000.

Mark C. Roccograndi Sr. to Rayon Francis, Miramar, Florida, Lot V1254, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $6,500.

William W. Osterling to Leslie Lee Turner. 15 Bluebell Lane, Jim Thorpe, Lot 63, Section A, Sunrise Ridge, $15,000.

Eugene C. Santorufo to Dexter L. Lanigan, Chalfont, property at 497 Patten Circle, Albrightsville, $450,000.

Matthew Compton to Serafina Kiernan, Largo, Florida, property at 419 Kilmer Trail, Albrightsville, $21,000.

Robert M. Duffy to Timothy James Lechner, Hatfield, property at 20 Spencer Lane, Albrightsville, $235,000.

Caroline Laschenski to Joseph E. Laschenski III, Harleysville, Towamensing Trails Lot V952, Section E-V, $1.

Stanley Dauber to Stanley V. Dauber, Brookhaven, Towamensing Trails Lot 158, Section VI, $1.

Federated Finance to Jeffrey D. Odenwelder, Allentown, six lots in Marty Axman development, $16,000.

Kenneth F. Spence to Brian Dolan, Quakertown, Bear Creek Lakes Lot 15, Section B, Midway Area, $290,000.

Monica Kinsella to Monica Kinsella, 286 Patten Circle, Albrightsville, property at 286 Patten Circle, $1.

Land Trustings LLC to Roger Clayton, North Brunswick, New Jersey, property at 1629 Pocahontas Lane, $5,000.

Great Pocono Enterprises LLC to Joanne A. Schatz, Gilbertsville, Lot 564, Section E, Pleasant Valley West, $24,900.

Great Pocono Homes LLC to Great Pocono Enterprises LLC, 1787 Route 903, Jim Thorpe, property at 1787 Route 903 and parcel No. 50-51-A17, $163,000.

John J. Skrapits to John D. Skrapits, 15 Audrey Lane, Jim Thorpe, Lot 374A, Audrey Lane, $1.

Todd C. Beecher to Luis Moronta, White Plains, New York, property at 504 Towamensing Trail, Albrightsville, $300,000.

Brian K. Carickhoff to Brian K. Carickhoff, West Chester, Lot 16A, Penn Forest Acres, $1.

Jones Revocable Living Trust to Patricia L. Jones, Barrington, New Jersey, property at 64 Longfellow Circle, Albrightsville, $1.

Maryann T. Budusky to Patrick J. Walsh, 186 Indian Trail, Jim Thorpe, property at 79 Behrens Road, $130,000.

Gerald L. Dotter Jr. to Gerald L. Dotter Jr., 44 Deerview Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 44 Deerview Drive, $1.

Grace Ann Porter to Grace Ann Porter, 85 Buckhill Road, Albrightsville, Lot 130, Section N-1, Indian Mountain Lakes, $1.

William W. Spellacy to Marlana Rae Bevan, Philadelphia, Lot 518E, Pleasant Valley West, $26,000.

Antonio Antinoro Jr. to Pocono Home Properties LLC, Philadelphia, Lot 701, Section II, Towamensing Trails, $22,000.

Thomas Rinck to Ryan Librizzi, Milford, New Jersey, property at 28 Lang Way, Albrightsville, $227,000.

Steven R. Pollyea to L & M Custom Homes Inc., 6910 Country Spring Road, New Tripoli, Lot 241, Section III, Towamensing Trails, $23,000.

Victoria Pfeiffer to Pocono Home Properties LLC, Philadelphia, Lot 1134, Section III, Towamensing Trails, $24,000.

Nicholas A. Martocci to Joseph E. Laschenski III, Harleysville, Lot V38, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $795,000.

Alla Stolyaroff to Paresh Patel, Garnet Valley, property at 51 Shawnee Trail, Albrightsville, $305,000.

Sheriff of Carbon County to KeyBank N.A., Brooklyn, Ohio, property at 64 Mountain Road, Albrightsville, $1.

John Francis Kattner to William Jesse Chamblee II, 32 Thomas Lane, P.O. Box 1767, Albrightsville, property at 38 Hollyberry Lane, $80,000.

Sean J. Pickford to Scott Pickford, Harleysville, property on Saw Mill Run Drive, $10.

Adam Eckley to Adam Eckley, 18 Micmac Place, Jim Thorpe, property at 18 Micmac Place, $1.

Christopher P. McCawley to Enrique Rivera, Warren, New Jersey, property at 202 Bishop Circle, Albrightsville, $235,000.

George A. Howard III to Robert B. Beach Jr., Bethlehem, Towamensing Trails Lot 1854, Section IV, $17,600.

Pocono Modern LLC to BFG Services LLC, Lima, Pleasant Valley West Lot 247, Section B, $20,000.

Loraine Acevedo to Michael Verdon, 592 Stoney Mountain Road, Albrightsville, property at 592 Stoney Mountain Road, $315,000.

Dorothy Schneider to Gregory Schneider, Chadds Ford, Lot V 25, Section E-V, Towamensing Trails, $1.

Summit Hill

Helen I. Golab to William J. Hood, 123 Polar Court, Summit Hill, property at 144 E. White St., $41,500.

Debra Keer to Laura P. Kalinowski, 102 E. White Bear Drive, Summit Hill, property at 102 E. White Bear Drive, $280,000.

125 E Pine Street Inc. to Clara L. Garcia, Hazleton, property at 32 E. Ludlow St., $50,000.

Kenneth W. Hankey Sr. to Between The Pipes, LLC, 1120 Mahoning Drive West, Lehighton, property at 43 W. Lehigh St., $78,000.


Thomas A. Dugan to Thomas A. Dugan, 8745 Interchange Road, Lehighton, property at 8745 Interchange Road, $1.

Barry L. George to Tanya L. Frey, 2200 Summer Mountain Road, Palmerton, three transactions, lots D-2, D-8 and D-3, Green Briar Acres, $1 each.

Bradley W. Green to Bruce A. Eckhart, 8220 Pohopoco Drive, Kunkletown, $268,000.

Muriel W. Thatcher to Kurt C. Werner Jr., 1180 Preachers Camp Road, Lehighton, property on Preachers Camp Road, $4,000.

Carl Richard Bieling to David M. Bieling, 1310 Hazelwood Road, Palmerton, four transactions, lots 6, 7, 8 and 9, Rocky Ridge Estates Subdivision, $1 each.

Carl Richard Bieling to Raymond L. Augustine, 1440 Hazelwood Road, Palmerton, three transactions, lots 2, 10 and 5, Rocky Ridge Estates Subdivision, $1 each.

Carl Richard Bieling to Raymond L. Augustine, 1440 Hazelwood Drive, Palmerton, Lot 10, Carl Bieling Subdivision, $1.


Matthew Stephen Ellis to Kenneth Justin Sutherland, 253 Maple St., Weatherly, property at 253 Maple St., $159,000.

Richard L. Blair to Richard L. Blair, 33 Carbon St., Weatherly, property at 33 Carbon St., $1.

Frederick A. Ray to Richard G. Ray, 650 Third St., Weatherly, property at 650 Third St., $1.