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Carbon County property transfers

Deeds recorded

Jim Thorpe

Brian J. Hartman to Brian J. Hartman, 417 South Ave., Jim Thorpe, Lot 13A, Brian J. and Heike A. Hartman Reverse Subdivision, $1.

Jane Leslie to Jane Leslie, 72 Leisure Lane, Jim Thorpe, property at 72 Leisure Lane, $1.

Marion E. Hoffman to Theodore R. Hoffman, Phillipsburg, New Jersey, property at 573 Highland Hills Road, $1.

Kidder Township

Christine Lindsey to Christine Lindsey, 102 Black Bear Pass, White Haven, property at 102 Black Bear Pass, $1.

William L. Young Jr. to William L. Young Jr., 63 Wolf Way, White Haven, property at 63 Wolf Way, $1.

Constance E. Gehr to Creighton Decker, Moorestown, New Jersey, property at 6189 W. Oak Lane, White Haven, $315,000.

Thomas T. Clause to Scott Trimborn, Philadelphia, property at 212 Turkey Path Trail Road, White Haven, $340,000.

Clyde O. Basham to Wilfredo Rivera, Philadelphia, property at 65 Snow Shoe, Lake Harmony, $159,900.

Stabilis Split Rock JV LLC to Split Rock Investments LLC, Detroit, Michigan, property at 6 Lodge Hill Road, Lake Harmony, and 16 other parcels, $1.

Philip Michel to Brian A. Gilbride, Pearl River, New York, property at 33 Woodsbluff Court, Lake Harmony, $405,000.

Charles A. DeBenedittis to Paul J. DeBenedittis, Bayside, New York, Big Boulder Lake Condominium Unit F-211, $1.

Big Boulder Corporation to Cory W. Streeter, Blue Bell, Laurelwoods II, Woodsbluff, units 332 and 333, Section D, $170,000.

Pine Breeze LLC to Nicklaus Daise, West Chester, property at 149 Pineknoll Drice, Lake Harmony, $640,000.

W. Jack Kalins Inc. to Locus Development LLC, Norwalk, Connecticut, Lot B-145, Split Rock, $40,000.

Edith L. Wheeler to Gregory Macalush, 1 Park Ave., Nesquehoning, Lot 201, Section A, Holiday Poconos, $8,900.

Howard Davis to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Seal Beach, California, property at 906A Holiday Drive, Albrightsville, $1.

Chad Jarrah to Erica Taxin Bleznak, 148 Pocono Blvd., Albrightsville, property at 148 Pocono Road, Albrightsville, $314,500.


David J. Theodore to Ginger L. Bachman, 113 W. Patterson St., Lansford, property at 113 W. Patterson St., $64,000.

Glenn J. Oberman to Kirk Banton, Arverna, New York, property at 305 W. Abbott St., $38,500.

Maria Aquila to Leighton Brown, 40 E. Water St., Lansford, property at 322 W. Bertsch St., $4,500.

Jamie Thorne to Jholeidy Esmeralda Ferreras Guzman, 331 W. Kline Ave., Lansford, property at 331 W. Kline Ave., $37,795.

Joseph Horvat to Jacqualine E. West, 232 E. Ridge St., Lansford, property at 230-232 E. Ridge St., $145,000.

Broadway Properties LLC to Upward Vibration LLC, 602 E. Front St., Lansford, property at 602 E. Front St., $5,600.

Edward J. Porambo to Annmarie Leonard, Williamstown, New Jersey, property at 118 W. Patterson St., $1.

Donna M. Ruzicka to John M. Ruzicka Jr., 318 E. Patterson St., Lansford, property at 318 W. Patterson St., $1.


Patrick Dominic to Franca Loy, 116 S. Eighth St., Lehighton, property at 116 S. Eighth St., $125,000.

James L. Zanders to Austin Dean Schellhamer, 418 Bridge St., Lehighton, property at 418 Bridge St., $145,000.

Marion D. Batyer to Noah Tkach, 218 N. Fourth St., Lehighton, property on North Ninth Street, $30,000.

Frances A. Green to Steve Schoch, 108 Fox Hollow Lane, Palmerton, property at 222 S. Third St., $85,000.

Michele R. Killian to Daniel Kiniry, 1092 Pohopoco Drive, Lehighton, property at 216 S. Ninth St., $200,000.

Lower Towamensing Township

Annie P. Chung to Jeremy M. Binder, 150 Club Road, Palmerton, property at 150 Club Road, $162,171.

David Dean Semmel to Patrick Michael Frank, 485 Columbia Ave., Palmerton, property at 3975 Fireline Road, $105,000.

Dennis G. Bumberger Jr. to Gene Smotritsky, 2275 Stoney Ridge Road, Palmerton, property at 2275 Stoney Ridge Road, $363,500.

Mahoning Township

Ashley Sensinger to Ashley Helmer, 225 Westside Road, Lehighton, property at 225 Westside Road, $1.

Cory Hunsicker to Garman Investments LLC, West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, property at 871 N. First St., $32,000.

John Tinelli to 41 Packerton Dam Drive LLC, Ambler, property at 41 Packerton Dam Drive, $20,000.

Richard D. Haberman to Randolph L. Adams, 2851 Blakeslee Blvd. Drive West, Lehighton, property at 2851 Blakeslee Blvd. Drive West, $350,000.

Kenneth A. Bell to Lehighton Bible Church, 160 Jamestown St., Lehighton, vacant lot on Reigel Street, $10,000.

Donna B. Kyzymyshyn to Thomas M. Lichtenwalner, 219 Pine Hollow Drive, Lehighton, property at 219 Pine Hollow Drive, $266,000.


William D. Jones to Bradley D. Jones, Allentown, parcel No. 122C-44-A4, $1.

Yvettes Property Management LLC to Gilgar LLC, 1001 Industrial Road, Nesquehoning, property at 234 W. Columbus Ave., $50,000.

Sheriff of Carbon County to Farley Katz, Montclair, New Jersey, property at 711 E. Center St., $193,000.

Vicki A. Zaengle to Mark E. Zaengle, 514 E. Catawissa St., Nesquehoning, property at 514 E. Catawissa St., $1.

Roosevelt Callirgos to Donna R. King, 5 Ninth Ave., Nesquehoning, property at 5 Ninth Ave., $175,000.

Kovatch Enterprises Inc. to Panther Creek Partners, 4 Dennison Road, Nesquehoning, three parcels, $1,650,000.

Edward G. Kusko Sr. To Edward G. Kusko, 80 Rhume St., Nesquehoning, property at 80 Rhume St., $67,099.50.

Packer Township

Anthony C. Harvilla to Anthony C. Harvilla, P.O. Box 274, Tresckow, property on Bark Hollow, $1.

Shirley Brenner to Samler Property Management LLC, Freeland, parcel No. 119-45-B21.01, $22,000.

James P. Faust to Catherine Louise Grega, 2432 Wetzel Run Drive, Weatherly, property on Wetzel Run Drive, $127,500.


Tip Top Flips LLC to Zacheriah Taylor, 155C Edgemont Ave., Palmerton, property at 155 Edgemont Ave., $290,000.

Irene J. Scherer to Jessie Bumberger, 791 Columbia Ave., Palmerton, property at 791 Columbia Ave., $275,000.

Louise Beagle to Thomas G. Schmidt, 569 Columbia Ave., P.O. Box 178, Palmerton, property at 565 Lehigh Ave., $35,000.

Jeffrey L. Jones Jr. to Mary M. Stiles, 529 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, property at 526 Lehigh Ave., $122,500.

Zack Nase to Megan Schroy, 1494 Mauch Chunk Road, Palmerton, property at 1494 Mauch Chunk Road, $130,000.

Robert J. Kleinschmidt to Zachary Browning, 270 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, property at 270 Lehigh Ave., $167,250.

Ronnie A. Alacan to Courtney K. Coles, 410 State Road, Palmerton, property at 410 State Road, $180,000.

Korey Rhodes to Jolene B. Finley, P.O. Box 104, Palmerton, property at 121 Lehigh Ave., $174,000.

Valda V. Musselman to Karen Dornsife, Coopersburg, property at 229 Lehigh Ave., $173,000.

Summit Hill

George O. Paton Jr. to Helen Walters, 14 Glory Road, Tamaqua, property on East Hazard Street, $7,000.

Jessica Szoke to Matthew D. Carl, 230 E. Hazard St., Summit Hill, property at 230 E. Hazard St., $105,000.

Lee M. Conklin to Strata Trust Co., P.O. Box 4030, Jim Thorpe, property at 29 E. Amidon St., $122,005.

Joseph C. Stenger to Leeray Properties, 352 W. White St., Summit Hill, property at 352 W. White St., $1.

Debra Keer to 135 E. Pine St. Inc., Brooklyn, New York, property at 26-32 E. Ludlow St., $20,000.

William Bauer to Heather Shetrompf, 106 S. Chestnut St., Summit Hill, property at 106 S. Chestnut St., $76,900.

Robert C. Gormley to Roy Henninger, 225 E. Ludlow St., Summit Hill, vacant land, one acre, in White Bear, $15,500.

Jessica Polly to Tina M. George, 34 Fort Franklin Road, Andreas, property at 114 E. Amidon St., $1.

Towamensing Township

Dolores I. Hatcher to Eric J. Tyner, 1244 Greenway Lane, Kunkletown, Lot 11, Beers Lane, $150,000.

Eleanor E. Snyder to Eleanor E. Snyder, 30 Clarence Drive, Palmerton, property at 30 Clarence Drive, $1.

Jeffrey T. Leighton to Jeffrey T. Leighton, 345 Lakeview Drive, Lehighton, property at 345 Lakeview Drive, $1.

Loida L. Behr to Timothy Jedrejczyk, 240 Buttercup Way, Kunkletown, property at 240 Buttercup Way, $290,000.

Sheriff of Carbon County to U.S. Bank N.A., Irvine, California, property at 1210 Summer Mountain Road, $970.55.

Theodore A. Dear to Diane K. Dear, 120 Ziegre Drive, Palmerton, property at 120 Ziegre Drive, $1.

Jeanne A. Borgia to Daniel Dalonzo, 705 Gun Club Road, Palmerton, three parcels, property on Gun Club Road, $69,000.

Walter A. Bollinger Jr. to Walter A. Bollinger Jr., 1080 Walnut Drive, Palmerton, property at 1080 Walnut Drive, $1.


Edward F. Grega to Gerard E. Grega, 2432 Wetzel Run Drive, Weatherly, property on Fifth Street, $1.

Thomasina D. Miller to Mark Christopher Miller Jr., 543 E. Main St., Weatherly, property at 534 E. Main St., $100,000.


Marilyn L. Highland to Ronald A. Dasher Jr., East Greenville, property on White Street, $58,000.