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Carbon court news

Register of Wills

The Carbon County Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans’ Court, Jean A. Papay, has announced the following for the end of the month of October, year of 2021.

Total files opened in the Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans’ Court: Testamentary/Administration, 20; Incapacitations/Guardianship, 0; Terminations of Parental Rights, 0; Adoptions, 0; Revenue, 14; Affidavit of Death, 0; Small Estate Affidavit, 2; Miscellaneous, 4. Total files opened, 38.

Total marriage license issued, 36; genealogy research, 23.

Acting agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Revenue for the collection of Inheritance Tax: Collected - $337,359.38; Commission - $1,408.19 - transferred to Carbon County General Fund.

*Current and older marriage license information has been indexed into the computer, completing records back to 1952. Total fees collected: county fees, $15,873.30; commission fee to county general fund, $1,408.19. Total to county general fund, $13,728.80; judicial computer fees (state), $1,046.50; state tax and trust fund (state), $738; county data processing fee, $810; automation fee, $360.

Prothonotary report

Prothonotary Kayla M. Semmel released the statistical report of activities for her office for the month of September 2021.

There were 377 cases started in September with the following breakdown: civil actions, 16; custody, 14; DJ appeal, 8; divorce, 13; license appeal, 4; mortgage foreclosures, 5; name change, 6; court appointment, 1; protection from abuse, 29; judgments, 256; Stip/waiv liens, 1; custody modifications, 14; and writs, 13.

A total of 35 passport applications were processed in September. In addition, a total of 12 renewal applicants sought assistance from the office; and 42 photos were taken. Passports are by appointment and pictures can now be taken in the office.

Total income generated was $29,842.89; prothonotary fees, $22,764.78; custody/divorce fees, $2,259; data processing fees, $4,702.80; interest income, $24.81; PFA surcharge sheriff, $39.50; PFA surcharge courts, $25; and stenographer fess, $36.

In addition to the above fees, the office remitted to the county for the remote access fund for remote access fees of $1,800, remitted to the state department of revenue (fees collected on new cases) $2,883.05; and automation fund $1,200.80 - money collected for future automation and improvements to the office. Sales tax money turned over to the state for tax on passport photos, $35.70.