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Carbon County property transfers

Deeds recorded

Banks Township

Ryan Krasnay to Richard Paul Lukatch, 13 N. Chestnut St., Tresckow, property at 13 N. Chestnut St., $80,000.

Donald E. Paynter to Abild Acres LLC, Drums, property at 46-48 E. Market St., Tresckow, $218,000.

Marlene Michalyshin to Alicia M. Fulton, 1 E. Willow St., Tresckow, property at 1 E. Willow St., $75,000.

James M. Petrole to Lynn A. Oliver, 76 E. Maple St., Tresckow, property at 76 E. Maple St., $1.

Tiffany L. Belletere to Stonewalker Lucas Lawson Miller, 6 E. Hemlock St., Tresckow, property at 6 E. Hemlock St., $105,000.

Beaver Meadows

Brian E. Mahon to 9 Brothers Corporation, Hazleton, property on Broad Street, $56,000.

Thomas J. Majko Jr. to Mecka LLC, Hazle Township, property at 111 Trettle St., $80,000.

Susan M. Shaw to Daysis N. Mejia, 47 Third St., Beaver Meadows, property at 47 Third St., $90,000.

Conor Rodgers to Santiago Velasquez, 61 Broad St., P.O. Box 493, Beaver Meadows, property at 130 Penrose St., $30,000.

Michael D. Baran to Jake Chulock, 115 Hunsicker St., P.O. Box 498, Beaver Meadows, property at 51 Beaver St., $18,000.


Kerry Paules to Gerald Borger, P.O. Box 203, Bowmanstown, lots 51 and 52, Meadowcrest Manor, $20,000.

Elains Steigerwalt to Jordan Boyer, 618 Hamilton St., Bowmanstown, property at 618 Hamilton St., $130,000.

East Penn Township

David J. Hauser to David J. Hauser, 83 N. Kittatinny Road, Lehighton, property at 83 N. Kittatinny Road, $1.

David J. Hauser to Casey M. Hauser, 860 W. Sunset Road, Lehighton, 10.274 acres of unimproved lane, $1.

Byron C. Craig to Robert A. Pfaff, 367 Lower Nis Hollow Drive, Lehighton, property at 367 Lower Nis Hollow Drive, $235,000.

James S. Snyder to Brian Edward Snyder, 1156 Smithlane Road, Lehighton, property at 1156 Smithlane Road, $211,000.

Franklin Township

Mallory J. Dorward to Donald H. Dorward Sr., 780 Rock St., Lehighton, property at 902 Rock St., $1.

David Russell Gaydula to David Russell Gaydula, 565 Vine St., Lehighton, property at 565 Vine St., $1.

Eric K. Lilly to Eric K. Lilly, 330 Watson Park Blvd., Lehighton, property at 330 Watson Park Blvd., $1.

Evergreen Lake Partnership to Ronald H. Semmel, 257 Church St., Lehighton, property at 243 Church St., $150,000.

Edward C. Kerhs Sr. to Devon Holland, 428 Jefferson St., Lehighton, property at 428 Jefferson St., $175,000.

Kidder Township

Ryan D. Oestreich to Eric J. Henning, 28 Dirt Road, White Haven, property at 28 Dirt Road, $1.

Tracey Atkinson Tyson to Tracye Atkinson Tyson, 90 Springhill Road, White Haven, property at 90 Springhill Road, $1.

William John Chandlee to Allison A. Leszkowicz, Wayne, New Jersey, property at 15 Downhill, Lake Harmony, $179,000.

Seth A. Traugh to Jill K. McKnight, Northfield, New Jersey, property at 50 Telemark, Lake Harmony, $123,000.

101 Southwoods LLC to Mitchell F. Krug, Blakeslee, property at 67 Downhill, Lake Harmony, $120,000.

Daniel Zola to Daniel Zola, Sugarloaf, lots 1 and 2, Site Plan 90, South Lake Drive, Lake Harmony, $1 each.

Louis T. Juliano Sr. to John L. Weatherwax, Bala Cynwyd, property at 18 Heron Lane, Lake Harmony, $274,000.

Joseph Conley to Charles A. Stoll Jr., Farmingdale, New York, property at 16 Doe Run, Lake Harmony, $275,000.

Louis M. Schantz to Dennis J. Meagher, Titusville, Florida, property at 11 New St., Lake Harmony, $180,000.

Peter Joseph Truscello to Russel J. Dowdy, Pottstown, property at 198 Holiday Drive, Albrightsville, $150,000.

Matthew Johnson to Stephen J. Chappell, Gilbertsville, property at 7 Beechwood Court, Lake Harmony, $305,000.

Stephen Hilbert to Jason Villaverde, Scotch Plains, New Jersey, property at 143 Moseywood Road, Lake Harmony, $585,000.

Tax Claim Bureau of Carbon County to Winter Vanalstine, Aspen, Colorado, property on Shady Haven Lane, Holiday Poconos, $842.

Visitacion Dizon to Janipher Hur, Newtown Square, property at 209 N. Lake Drive, Lake Harmony, $930,000.

David Joyce Sr. to Michael H. Kelly Jr., Prospect Park, property at 29 Midlake Drive, Lake Harmony, $263,500.


Demetri M. Nash to Melvin Lamont Mayo, Easton, property at 630 E. Bertsch St., $8,000.

Conor Rodgers to Melissa Martin, Columbus, Ohio, property at 367 W. Water St., $20,000.

Ludwig Gessel to Juma 4 Assets LLC, Scranton, property on West Kline Avenue, $34,900.

John Koin to David J. Koin, 226 W. Kline Ave., Lansford, property at 226 W. Kline Ave., $1.

Megan L. Brown to Leighton Brown, 40 E. Water St., Lansford, property at 330 W. Bertsch St., $1.

U.S. Bank N.A. to Kirk Banton, 210 W. Snyder Ave., Lansford, property at 210 W. Snyder Ave., $34,500.

Waterfall Investments Corporation to Buripin LLC, Scranton, property at 378 W. Ridge St., $57,500.

MVLS Investments LLC to Buripin LLC, Scranton, property at 246 W. Snyder Ave., $53,000.

Sisegana Investments Corporation to Buripin LLC, Scranton, property at 248 E. Snyder Ave., $27,000.

Shawn Clark to Robert Glanzman, Warminster, property on West Kline Avenue, $30,000.

Diane Silbert to Providencia LLC, Scranton, property at 23 W. Bertsch St., $28,000.


Trevor Flexer to Peter Snyder, 332 Coal St., Lehighton, property at 332 Coal St., $150,500.

Joe Neff to Leslie T. Walck, 5 Graver St., Lehighton, property at 5 Graver St., $115,000.

Deborah Ann Curran to Cara Bella Properties LLC, 4338 Chestnut Drive, Walnutport, property at 326 N. Third St., $81,000.

Steven R. May to Michael Wraga, 2146 Pohopoco Drive, Lehighton, property at 322 N. First St., $155,000.

Marion D. Bayer to Carl Gustafson, 432 N. Eighth St., Lehighton, Lot 179, North Ninth Street, $40,000.

Christopher P. Brothers to Carlos E. Dominiguez, 356 S. Third St., Lehighton, property at 356 S. Third St., $199,900.

Matthew Wentz to Charles A. Schultz, 258 N. Seventh St., Lehighton, property at 258 N. Seventh St., $230,000.

Helen M. Powell to Helen M. Powell, 459 N. Fourth St., Lehighton, property on Ochre Street, $1.

Lower Towamensing Township

Valley Wide Homes LLC to Frank Bandzi, 1333 Wintergreen Road, Palmerton, property at 1333 Wintergreen Road, $335,000.

Tax Claim Bureau of Carbon County to Carbon 56-31-A13,01 Trust, Longmont, Colorado, property on Fireline Road, $800.

Gary L. Dorshimer to Timothy Lawshe, 950 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, property at 62 Mill Road, $63,830.

Mahoning Township

Robert L. Green to Joe C. Neff, 853 Jamestown Drive, Lehighton, parcel No. 83-35-B72.02, $5,000.

Darrel D. Hutchinson to F. Thomas Snoody, 4223 Heritage Lane, Walnutport, property at 2555 Blakeslee Blvd. Drive W., $63,000.

Tane M. Ackley to Adam R. Ackley, Bangor, property at 2278 Mahoning Drive West, $1.

Jeffrey A. Repsher Sr. to Jeffey A. Repsher Sr., 159 Dead End Lane, property at 159 Dead End Lane, $1.

Hine Family Trust to John T. Hine, 1232 Twin Crest Drive, Lehighton, property at 1352 Twin Crest Drive, $1.

KF & BB Real Estate LLC to Lehighton Seneca Holdings LLC, Macungie, property at 164 Seneca Road, Route 13007 and Township Road 423, $1,100,000.

Barbara A. Mertz to Heather Lynn Harris, 32 Beaver St. and Beaver Drive, Lehighton, property at 32 Beaver St. and Beaver Drive, $169,900.

Dennis R. Rex to Albert G. Miller, 81 Mantzville Road, Andreas, 4.775 acres (also in Schuylkill County), $1.


Mary Ann Kruslicky to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, property on Hunter Street, $30,000.

Frances C. Abitanta to Sal E. Abitanta Revocable Living Trust, Somerset, New Jersey, property on Coal Street, $1.

Catherine J. White to Gilgar LLC, 1001 Industrial Road, Nesquehoning, property at 51 W. Garibaldi Ave., $25,000.

Louis M. Rubino to Paula M. Rubiono, 14 Beach Lane, Nesquehoning, Lot 13, Block 6, Eastwood, $1.

Richard J. Brown to Joel A. Hunsicker, 43 W. Columbus Ave., Nesquehoning, property at 43 W. Columbus Ave., $90,000.

Packer Township

Thomas J. Gerhard to Joshua J. Halecky, 180 Ochre Mill Road, Weatherly, Lot 3, Ochre Mill Road, $14,985.

William R. Lech Sr. to William R. Lech Jr., 2473 Grist Mill Drive, Weatherly, property at 2473 Grist Mill Drive, $1.

Kenneth M. Sency to Anthony C. Harvilla, P.O. Box 274, Tresckow, parcel No. 131-46-B3.08, $130,000.


Aaron M. Schweibinz to Jeffrey Michael Cardone, 650 Mauch Chunk Road, Palmerton, property at 650 Mauch Chunk Road, $125,000.

Patricia S. Ukropec to Zachary T. Christman, 609 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, property at 609 Lehigh Ave., $119,900.

Jeffrey Baldwin to Michael H. Nevil, 567 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, property at 567 Lehigh Ave., $121,000.


Amanda Nikisher to Amanda Fay Raker, 1120 Municipal Road, Walnutport, property at 200 Main St., $1.

Gregory S. Hopstock to Gregory S. Hopstock, 1375 Cherry Hill Road, Palmerton, two transactions, properties on Cherry Hill Road, $1 each.

Gregory S. Hopstock to Clark R. Wentz, 870 N. Fireline Road, Palmerton, property at 870 N. Fireline Road, $1.

Clark R. Wentz to Clark R. Wentz, 870 N. Fireline Road, Palmerton, property on Cherry Hill at 870 N. Fireline Road, $1.

Penn Forest Township

Mario R. Galarza to Niklas A. Skinner, Baltimore, Maryland, Lot 2229 Nosirrah Road, Albrightsville, $6,512.

Janet L. Talotta to Mikheil G. Shatirishvili, 20 Gower Road, Albrightsville, property on Black Walnut Lane, $10,000.

Walter Veit to Walter Veit, 75 Keats Lane, P.O. Box 1526, Albrightsville, property at 75 Keats Lane, $1.

Julius A. Cervasi to RAC Homes LLC, Doylestown, two transactions, Towamensing Trails lots 387 and 388, Section 1, $7,500 each.

Calabree Building Contractors LLC to Scott D. Ferral, Sellersville, Towamensing Trails Lot 364, Section 1, $25,000.

Julianne Murphy to Daniel P. Murphy, West Chester, property at 77 Longfellow Circle, Albrightsville, $1.

Anna LaForgia to Antonia LaForgia Pappalardo, Hoboken, New Jersey, two transactions, lot V1566 and V1567, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $1 each.

Shelby R. Morrill to Jason Jefremow, Holland, property at 30 Hopi Road, $55,000.

Bryan Brunnabend to Andrew Peckham, Danville, property at 185 Bishop Cicrle, Albrightsville, $270,000.

Michel F. Gregoire to John K. Evans, Hatboro, property at 185 Lipo Way, Albrightsville, $299,000.

Emily Enderes to Emily Enderes, 58 Oak Ridge Drive, Albrightsville, property at 58 Oak Ridge Drive, $1.

Ralph J. Descartes to Mikheil G. Shatirisvili, Fairfield, New Jersey, Lot 202, Section M, Indian Mountain Lakes, $6,000.

Marina Komarovska to Levan Ravazishvili, Brooklyn, New York, Lot 1510, Section N-II, Indian Mountain Lakes, $8,500.

Barbara A. Gehret to Barbara A. Gehret, 226 Wild Creek Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 226 Wild Creek Drive, $1.

Michael Pozza to Alfred Natale, 1435 Whispering Hills Court, Effort, Lot 2, Amos S. Keiper Sr. Subdivision, Route 534, $125,000.

Arthur Management Inc. to Arthur Kurayev, Brooklyn, New York, property at 219 Mountain Road, $1.

Giuseppa Coppola to Frank Dulisse, Langhorne, property at 18 Piney Woods Drive, $27,000.

Stanley E. Turek Sr. to Brian Flyte, Wind Gap, property at 831 Stoney Mountain Road, Albrightsville, $10,000.

Janie Huang to Smitha Rajesh, Bellerose, New York, property at 24 Poplar Drive, Albrightsville, $130,000.

Donald K. Buchanan Jr. to Donald K. Buchanan Jr., Lester, property at 1744 McKuen Way, Albrightsville, $1.

Stephanie Sheehan to Michael Mahembe, 108 Cold Spring Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 108 Cold Spring Drive, $130,000.

Tax Claim Bureau of Carbon County to Gary Collins, Bangor, property at Ute and East Cherokee trails, Mount Pocahontas, $815.

John Thomas Swift Jr. to John Gidzinski, Philadelphia, property at 59 Mansi Drive, Albrightsville, $249,900.

U.S. Bank N.A., to Mariana Rostea, Newtown, property at 766 Stony Mountain Road, Albrightsville, $129,000.

Vincenzo Dirico to Akash Gupta, Edison, New Jersey, Lot 31-A, Hickory Run Forest, $9,900.

Rosina Vozzo to Kapil Sarin, Edison, New Jersey, Lot A32, Hickory Run Forest, $9,900.

Luigi Vozzo to Anurag Garg, Edison, New Jersey, Lot 30-A, Hickory Run Forest, $9,900.

Dianne R. Altieri to Daniel M. Semmel, 100 Sunview Circle, Lehighton, property at 100 Sunview Circle, $290,000.

Ernest J. Grant to Alvin L. Grabov Jr., Delanco, New Jersey, property at 677 Old Stage Road, Albrightsville, $590,000.

Macshar Enterprises LLC to Anthony Dessert, Feasterville, property at 1246 Chapman Circle, Albrightsville, $10,000.

John Leonard to Vasil Jioshvili, Wallington, New Jersey, Lot 132, Section NB-I, Indian Mountain Lakes, $6,000.

Terry M. Mayer to Oliver Devatt, P.O. Box 1212, Albrightsville, Lot 238, Section DP, Mount Pocahontas, $5,000.

Land Trustings LLC to Jean Carlos Paulino, Nanuet, New York, lots 1628 and 1630, Pautuxent Trail, $8,500.

Stephen John Cybulak to Danielle Morales, 105 Piute Trail, Albrightsville, Lot 1059, Section 3, Mount Pocahontas, $2,700.

Summit Hill

Debra Ellen Phillips to Michael Lawrenson, Parker, Colorado, property at 334 E. Ludlow St., $65,000.

John Florian Bohovich to Joseph C. Bohovich, 334 W. White St., Summit Hill, property at 334 W. White St., $1.

Barbara A. Kusko to Barbara A. Kusko, 444 W. White St., Summit Hill, property at 444 W. White St., $1.

Valerie E. Balliet to Charles Matusick, 208 W. Hazard St., Summit Hill, property at 208 W. Hazard St., $107,000.

Elizabeth A. Matika to David Keller, Macungie, property at 24 W. Fell St., $18,000.

Towamensing Township

Ana Maria DeMelo to Adam J. Sheckler, 1220 Stagecoach Road West, Lehighton, property at 1220 Stagecoach Road West, $300,000.

Kenneth D. Ohl to Lindsay A. Ohl, 2455 Deer Lane, Lehighton, property at 2455 Deer Lane, $1.

Timothy W. Clemmer to Andrew J. Serson, 20 Olive St., Lehighton, property at 20 Olive St., $262,400.

Marianna V. Chryst to Christopher Thomas Preston, 8390 Pohopoco Drive, Kunkletown, Lot 1A, Marianna V. Chryst Residual Tract, $1.

Christopher Thomas Preston to Christopher Thomas Preston, 8390 Pohopoco Drive, Kunkletown, Lot 1A Marianna V. Chryst Residual Tract, $1.

John H. Kleintop Jr. to Kevin Kleintop, 385 Stable Road, Lehighton, property at 385 Stable Road, $500,000.

Joan M. Denney to Tyler T. Peters Hitchcock, 7144 Route 873, Slatington, property at 2580 Spruce Hollow Road, $215,000.

Jeremy T. Haydt to Jeremy T. Haydt, 1790 Koch Road, Kunkletown, property at 1790 Koch Road, $1.


Roman W. Wilusz to Mathew W. Ryan, 458 Plane St., Weatherly, property at 458 Plane St., $170,000.