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Carbon County property transfers

Deeds recorded


Hilda A. Fedor to Meghan M. Christman, 633 Pine St., Palmerton, property at 633 Pine St., $210,000.

East Penn Township

Keith L. Huber to Jeremy D. Smith, 445 Hoffman Road, Lehighton, three vacant lots along McCool Lane, $60,000.

Virginia Newton to Leonard P. Fritzinger Jr., 1227 Ben Salem Road, Lehighton, property at 1227 Ben Salem Road, $800,000.

Kathleen J. Morris to Cynthia K. Grosso, 544 Fritz Road, Lehighton, parcel No. 72-7-B63.06

Robert John Krasley Jr. to Diane L. Maurer, Emmaus, property at 510-1 Blue Mountain Road, $293,706.

Franklin Township

Janina Nieradka to Brendan M. Kuhn, 166 Innsbruck Drive, Lehighton, Lot 58, Section 4, Tall Oaks at Kriss Pines, $50,000.

Anna Moskal to Dimitrios Efthimiou, 1070 Green St., Lehighton, property at 1070 Green St., $430,000.

Neighbors of Poconos LLC to Aston Glenn MHC LLC, Berwyn, property on Court Street, $15,000.

Kevin Maples to Kevin Maples, 648 Old Mill Road, Lehighton, property at 648 Old Mill Road, $1.

Kim P. McDonald to Robert Dries, 875 Green St., Lehighton, property at 875 Green St., $649,000.

Jim Thorpe

Elizabeth M. Herman to Alexzander J. Hadesty, 620 Center St., Jim Thorpe, property at 620 Center St., $129,000.

County of Carbon to Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad Company, Port Clinton, nine parcels (railroad), $3,000,000.

Neil Bogin to Andrew Nierer, 114 Silk St., Jim Thorpe, property at 114 Silk St., $130,000.

Colette Frohnheiser to Tara Bunchalk Orefice, 433 Lehigh St., Jim Thorpe, property at 433 Lehigh St., $174,000.

Patrick J. Walsh to Todd S. Morris, 192 Center St., Jim Thorpe, property at 102 Center St., $250,000.

Kidder Township

Lesia M. Byrwa to Chrisanne Haley, Pitman, New Jersey, property at 95 Telemark, Lake Harmony, $1.

TMC Management Corporation to Peyton L. Collins, 305 Golden Oaks Drive, White Haven, property at 305 Golden Oaks Drive, $303,248.

BES Management LLC to Jennifer Hamill, Mount Pocono, property at 48 Vineland Road, Albrightsville, $215,000.

Mountainleap L.P. to Westmore Hotels and Restaurants LLC, Chester, New Jersey, Hickory Motel, $490,000.

Daniel James Flynn to Ghazalah Malik, Morganville, New Jersey, property at 55 Reds Fox Court, Lake Harmony, $270,000.

Peter M. Quinn to James Paey, 10 Lennon Circle, Lake Harmony, property at 5 Ridgewood Country Estates, Lake Harmony, $199,000.

Jesse Orion Parker to Fair Oaks LLC, Columbia, Maryland, property at 21 Castagnola Drive, Lake Harmony, $229,000.

Anthony J. Narducci to Suzanne T. Miller, Kempton, lots 814, 815 and 816, Section C, Holiday Poconos, $126,000.

Tax Claim Bureau of Carbon County to Diana Sprucebank, Mount Gretna, property at Old Log Trail and Shadow Lane, Holiday Poconos, $738.

Leslie T. Beyer to Barbara Groff, P.O. Box 1121, Albrightsville, Lot 712, Block B, Holiday Poconos, $7,492.50.

Karen Nephin to Glen Patric J. Nephin Jr., Lancaster, Loy 18, Dection E, Split Rock, Lake Harmony, $1.

Jennifer Colligon to Daniel Keegan, Bristol, property at 74 Pine Knoll Drive, Lake Harmony, property at 74 Pine Knoll Drive, $230,000.

Jaclyn Steudtner Colabrabro to Wilhelmshaven LLC, Fanwood, New Jersey, property at 20 Clover Lane, Albrightsville, $80,919.


Harry Aponte Maldonado to Hector Manuel Roman, 118 E. Front St., Lansford, property at 118 E. Front St., $57,485.43.

Cheryl A. Cinicola Heydt to Suwing A. Ben, Clifton, New Jersey, property at 40 W. Patterson St., $55,000.

Paul R, Zona to Sam All Renovations LLC, Brooklyn, New York, property at 401, 403 and 405 E. Abbott St., $19,000.

James F. Stone to MaryElizabeth R. Paul, 120 W. Bertsch St., Lansford, property at 120 W. Bertsch St., $117,500.

Debra A. Keer to BP Supreme LLC, Lehigh Valley, five transactions, properties at 201 E. Bertsch St., $105,000, 321 E. Bertsch St., $40,000, 332 W. Patterson St., $20,000, 504 E. Patterson St., $60,000, and 601 E. Bertsch St., $40,000.

Cory Hunsicker to Sonovia Thomas, 208 Yard St., Nesquehoning, property at 376 W. Ridge St., $4,500.


Denise M. Swartz to Frederick C. Rufe, Phillipsburg, New Jersey, property at 231 South St., $127,500.

Bridge Street Real Estate LLC to Gary Thomas Jr., 1102 Bridge St., Lehighton, property at 1102 Bridge St., $165,000.

Martin Stofanak to Sue Schiele, Lansdale, property at 350 N. Second St., $113,000.

Thinkngrow Partners LLC to Stevelli Properties LLC, 846 Blakeslee Blvd. Drive East, Lehighton, property at 353 N. Second St., $70,744.

Edward T. Kreieger to Kim Basile, 2 Stedman Ave., Lehighton, property at 2 Stedman Ave., $1.

Lower Towamensing Township

Lawrence A. Marra Jr. to FMB Barney LLC, Bethlehem, property on Little Gap Road, $17,649.

Richard Harvey Borger to Jennifer Ruffenach, 1540 Hahn’s Dairy Road, Palmerton, property at 1540 Hahn’s Dairy Road, $205,000.

Mahoning Township

Helena Kozak to Roman M. Mykijewycz, Springfield, property at 1118 Beaver Run Drive, $66,000.

County of Carbon to Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad Company, Port Clinton, nine parcels (railroad), $3,000,000.

Edward D. Zanders Sr. to Dennis J. Foberg Jr., 1118 Mahoning Drive West, Lehighton, property at 1118 Mahoning Drive West, $375,000.

Gary B. Ebbert to Arthur A. Zellner, 1719 Orioles Drive, Lehighton, property at 1719 Orioles Drive, $255,000.

Mark A. Snyder to Jessica L. Rivera, 480 Mill Road, Lehighton, property at 480 Mill Road, $214,900.


Elaine Greek to Robert Wakins, 203 W. High St., Nesquehoning, property at 205 W. High St., $17,500.

David L. Walls to Erin Pannell, 207 Stock St., Nesquehoning, property at 207 Stock St., $76,000.

County of Carbon to Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad Company, Port Clinton, nine parcels (railroad), $3,000,000.

John Murlo to Joseph J. Trimmel Jr., 144 Columbus Ave., Nesquehoning, property on West Musmanno Avenue, $50,000.

Theodore Popek to Kelly Realty Partners LLC, Hellertown, property at 202-203 W. High St., $60,000.


Dennis L. Haydt to Kelly M. Bush, 542 Lehigh Ave., Palmerton, property at 542 Lehigh Ave., $1.

Diane I. Cseh to Caleigh Condit, 681 Princeton Ave., Palmerton, property at 681 Princeton Ave., $69,900.

Andrea Miles to Barbara Ann Borsody, 897 Mauch Chunk Road, Palmerton, property at 897 Mauch Chunk Road, $159,000.

Penn Forest Township

David Larry Newsome to Matt Loftus, Sellersville, Lot V1884, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $13,500.

Sandra Carver to Joseph W. Rudolph, 11 Sugar Maple Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 11 Sugar Maple Drive, $287,000.

Supreme Properties Inc. to Bear Creek Plaza Holdings LLC, 1398 Route 903, Jim Thorpe, property at 995 Route 903, $587,000.

Geraldine Grilz to Lisa A. Figura, Tampa, Florida, Lot 28, Section 1, Penn Forest Streams, $14,500.

Lawrence Deem to Helen M. Hartmann, 688 Behrens Road, Jim Thorpe, Lot 10, R & M Hepner Subdivision, $20,500.

Robert T. West to Jeffrey T. Paxton, Lancaster, lots V51 and V52, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $310,000.

Richard D. Beltz to Matthew W. Taylor, Exton, property at 74 Eliot Lane, Albrightsville, $325,000.

Sheriff of Carbon County to Joel Anthony Inc., Allentown, property at 5 Kilmer Trail, Albrightsville, $160,096.41.

Patrick Haftlt to Frederick C. Glacken, 63 Pocahontas Lane, Albrightsville, property at 63 Pocahontas Lane, $133,000.

Laura S. DiDonato to Arshak Hayotsyan, Astoria, New York, property at 11 Sandburg Glen, Albrightsville, $268,000.

Jamie K. Langer to Ryan A. Brown, Haddon Heights, New Jersey, property at 140 Keats Lane, Albrightsville, $300,000.

Dale E. Edwards to Todd Long, 23 Cayuga Drive, Jim Thorpe, $289,000.

Kimberly H. Groner to Albert S. Randa II Revocable Trust, Horsham, Lot V833, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $340,000.

Kirk F. Schwartz to Jason M. Pastor, Philadelphia, Lot 2, Sweet Briar Lane, $58,500.

Joseph Schiavone to Matteo Bommarito, Jackson, New Jersey, property at 38 Wylie Circle, Albrightsville, $270,000.

Susan Kelly Potance to Brian Lee Potance, 40 Cold Spring Drive, Jim Thorpe, property at 40 Cold Spring Drive, $1.

Patricia Gorman to Antony Kelley, Philadelphia, property at 93 Twin Lake Road, Albrightsville, $70,000.

James Egan to David Tichauer, New Hyde Park, New York, property at 146 Lindbergh Circle, Albrightsville, $172,900.

Steven Cotton to Steven Richard Cotton, York, two transactions, Towamensing Trails lot V-1579 and V-1580, Section E-V, $1 each.

Audrey Borgia to Angelina Delligatti, Collegeville, property at 122 Cummings Lane, Albrightsville, $235,000.

William Steen to Andrew Gallagher, Media, property at 128 Sycamore Circle, Albrightsville, $185,900.

Gloria Samayoa to Faik Zarbaliyev, Staten Island, New York, Lot V440, Section V, Towamensing Trails, $18,000.

Diane DeVincenzo to Diane C. DeVincenzo, 7 Cherry Lane, Jim Thorpe, property at 15 Horace Way, Albrightsville, $1.

Tax Claim Bureau of Carbon County to William C. Outwater, P.O. Box 1937, Albrightsville, three transactions, parcels along South Sycamore Drive, Hickory Run Forest, $689 each.

William J. Montanari Jr. to Matthew David Heilman, Downingtown, property at 123 Hunt Trail, Albrightsville, $165,000.

Lori Ann Kaminsky to Daniel J. Martin, P.O. Box 1383, Albrightsville, property at 195 Lipo Way, Albrightsville, $199,100.

John K. Evans to Steven Worden, Kingston, property at 827 Stony Mountain Road, Albrightsville, $288,000.

Michael Kafler to Jason M. Farenski, Wilmington, Delaware, property at 307 Parker Trail, Albrightsville, $225,000.

Donald J. Evans to Melinda A. Kurtz, 32 Bearview Drive, Jim Thorpe, lots 11 and 12, Section E, Behrens Brothers Subdivision, $19,000.

Rosa Battaglia to Vasil Jioshvili, Wallington, New Jersey, Lot 209, Section A, Pleasant Valley West, $9,000.

Pauline G. Cionstantiniov to William Zimmerman, Langhorne, Lot 585, Section F, Pleasant Valley West, $15,000.

Grace E. Aguirre to Barbara L. Masters, Wilmington, Delaware, property at 17 Johnson Lane, Albrightsville, $249,900.

Joseph McVeigh to Thomas Joseph Copsetta Jr., Sewell, New Jersey, property at 50 Thomas Lane, Albrightsville, $150,000.

Joseph S. Mitros to Bradley K. Fly, 58 Piute Trail, Albrightsville, property at 58 Piute Trail, $130,000.

Summit Hill

Anita L. Gunkel to Ron Fried, 120 E. Holland St., Summit Hill, property at 120 E. Holland St., $96,000.

Herbert G. DeWitt to John S. McArdle, 340 W. Ludlow St., Summit Hill, property at 340 W. Ludlow St., $64,000.

Debra A. Keer to BP Supreme LLC, Lehigh Valley, property at 245 E. Fell St., $100,000.

William E. Searfoss to Kimberly Ann Banks, Stroudsburg, property at 230 W. Ludlow St., $1.

Robertshaw Family Trust to Daniel Paul Lindoerfer, 462 E. White Bear Drive, Summit Hill, property at 462 W. White Bear Drive, $312,500.

Towamensing Township

Troy T. Kidd Jr. to Robert H. Zellers, 1895 Hickory Road, Palmerton, property at 1585 Summer Mountain Road, $90,000.

David F. Otto to David D. Whiteman, 865 Owl Creek Road, Lehighton, property at 865 Owl Creek Road, $600,000.


John Flueras to Snezana Petrovic, 919 North St., Weatherly, property at 919 North St., $80,000.

Hannah A. Hentz to Benjamin Tucker White, 321 Maple St., Weatherly, property at 321 Maple St., $88,000.

Revenue from deeds

Carbon County Recorder of Deeds Donna Gentile reported her office recorded 361 deeds, 299 mortgages and 376 other writs during the month of September.

As a result of those transactions, Gentile turned over to the Carbon County General Fund the sum of $54,076.37. A breakdown of that revenue includes: transfer fees, $42,567; data processing fees, $1,429.25; notaries, $30; commission on transfers and writs, $7,798.72; and Affordable Housing administrative fee, $2,051.40.

Gentile remitted $518 in state writ taxes to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, while Carbon County municipalities and school districts shared realty transfer tax disbursements totaling $395,122.67, the same amount that was forwarded to the state in realty transfer taxes.

Gentile deposited $3,120 in the Recorder of Deeds Record Improvement Fund and $2,080 in the Carbon County Records Improvement Fund, these being fees assessed by state law on each transaction for records management needs. An additional $38,881.50 was collected and remitted to the state for its Judicial Computer System program. Also, $11,624.60 was collected last month for the Affordable Housing Program in Carbon County.

In all, funds collected in the Recorder’s office last month amounted to $900,545.81.