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Girl Scout Troop chosen to represent state as Honor Guard

A group of Girl Scouts is about to experience a priceless memory certain to be one for the ages.

Jim Thorpe Girl Scout Troop 30903 has been chosen to represent the state as the Honor Guard at the PPL Center in Allentown this evening.

Amanda Melber, troop leader, said the troop was amazed upon receiving word of the highly prestigious distinction.

“We were shocked, and then excited when we got the email asking us to do this,” Melber said. “This is to prepare for the Winter Olympics.”

Melber said she was contacted by the group sales person at the PPL Center who was looking for a Girl Scout Troop to be color guard for the night that the United States National Women’s Hockey Team will be playing Canada.

She said there are 12 girls from the troop going who range in age from 5-12, or kindergarten to eighth grade.

Those who will be at the hockey game include Avery Alvin, Jema Alvin, Lillian Davies, Solara Davis, Grace Hinger, Kendall Hoffman, Rylee Kresge, Fiona Lineburg, Yuna Melber, Harmony Shiffer, Melody Shiffert and Konstance Volovski.

To prepare, Melber said she contacted Henry Desrosiers, Veterans Council president, to ask if he had the supplies the troop could borrow, and if he would come show the girls the proper way to be color guard.

“He came to our meeting on Oct. 13 and showed the girls how to walk together, the correct lineup of flags that will be brought out, and how to be respectful when showing the three different flags (American flag, Pennsylvania state flag, and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts flag),” she said. “The girls will also use this knowledge for the Veterans Day parade.”

Melber said the troop meets on Wednesday nights, and they accept girls of any age in grades K-12. Any girl interested in joining Scouts should visit https://mygs.girlscouts.org/ or email jttroop30903@gmail.com for more information.

“We are a new troop who just started this fall,” she said, adding that they are brand-new in town. “I’ve only been a leader since this past summer while putting the troop together.”

Melber noted the occasion is one likely not to present itself anytime soon, if ever again.

“It’s amazing to think that a troop from small Jim Thorpe will be representing Girl Scouts on such a grand occasion,” she said. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that the girls will remember forever.”

Jim Thorpe Girl Scout Troop 30903 in Jim Thorpe has been chosen to represent the state as the Honor Guard at the PPL Center in Allentown this evening. The troop will lead the way into the PPL Center with the U.S. and Canadian Women's Hockey Team behind them. At left are Henry Desrosiers, Veterans Council president, junior Avery Alvin, Cadette Girl Scout Grace Hinger and Cadette Girl Scout Rylee Kresge. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO