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Who will pay?

Dear Editor,

Recently, you publish an article on chicken wings, which of course are popular in our area. Restaurants and bar owners are paying more for wings because they are more difficult to get now. The cost increase has to be passed on to the consumer because the restaurants/bars need the same profit markup they had before. That is perfectly understandable.

So what’s the difference between chicken wings and a $3 trillion welfare/infrastructure tax plan that the rich will pay for? In this case, they, the rich, will pass any extra cost on to us, too, the consumer of their products and service businesses that made them rich. They have profit margins to maintain.

So who will really pay for it? You and me, regardless of what your political affiliation is. Now would be a great time for supporters of the current Democrat agenda to wake up! You will pay the bill! Duh.

John Ferguson

Towamensing Township