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Attack on America

It is no secret the progressive party has taken over the Democratic Party and many Americans are concerned if America will survive their attacks on our origins and values. When questioned about their blatant attack of our institutions and founding, liberals are quick to place the blame on conservatives because conservatives are the ones waging the counterculture wars by exposing their socialistic goals.

When liberals start voicing outlandish accusations against those who oppose them, it proves that there is a legitimate reaction of many Americans, “woke,” in the good sense of the word, to their wicked intentions.

Liberals label all opposition to their progressive ideals and moral decay as unyielding, accusing all opposition as conspiracy theories.

But, what enrages them most is when religion, especially Christianity, enters into the debate.

When traditional Christian beliefs break their rules they attack with hate because religion is supposed to be limited to personal experience and never enter into political and cultural debates.

Liberals view the natural and moral law as religious “backwardness” because it opposes their notion of the evolution of culture through an ever-greater atheistic “scientific progress.”

They are deeply concerned about these types of pushbacks because they realize that the lack of popularity for their distorted agenda involves much more than the shattering of their political or economic goals. More importantly, they perceive the collapse is because of their inability to satisfy the yearning of countless Americans who seek something more, above all, something higher.

God, in his goodness and mercy purposely sends sufferings to mankind to awaken them, and a growing number of Americans are becoming more sensitive to the loving and affectionate voice of a paternal father, who is continually inviting mankind to return to him like the “repentant” prodigal son in the Gospels.

Many are starting to comprehend the benefits of returning to God and how in the past it produced a marvelous Christian civilization; realizing if they cooperate in the same way they can expect a similar grace from him to restore America, guaranteeing our nation a brilliant future.

Walter Camier

Hazle Township