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One big resettlement camp

President Joe Biden has decided that tens of thousands of Afghan refugees deserve immediate resettlement into our country. Those being resettled, are they the thousands of American citizens and our Afghan partners, the interpreters, left behind in Afghanistan? No they are not, they are still being held hostage by the Taliban.

Instead, the White House has decided to spend an additional $6.4 billion resettling non-American Afghan refugees paid for by the American taxpayers. It costs us between $25,000 and $50,00 per refugee per year. They get lifetime welfare for starters, chain migration soon to follow. These people are nonvetted and nonvaccinated, some have no ID. They are free to come and go as they please. No vaccine mandates required for them, no mask mandates either.

Those mandates are only required for us, the dangerous nonvaccinated, the 100 million with natural immunity, the American people who live here, work here and love our country.

When questions were raised why so many older Afghan men had young girls with them on the planes, it turns out the young girls were child brides of the men and the girls stated they had been raped by their senior husbands. The United States is now one big resettlement camp funded by American taxpayers. With our cultures being so vastly different, President Biden, why are we resettling so many Afghans in our country?

The southern border crisis with 2.5 million illegals entering this year, crime and drugs pouring in, innocent children dying at the border, terrorists running amok, the Afghan refugee measles outbreak here, COVID-19 pouring in, bankrupting our children and grandchildren, these are the consequences. The plan? Filling swing states with as many new Democrat voters as possible, at the expense of American taxpayers.

We will fight back with our votes next year and retake the House and the Senate, and in 2024 we will witness the greatest comeback of our beloved country in our lifetime. President Donald J. Trump will get reelected and he will make America greater than ever before.

Wanda Dietz

Franklin Township