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Let’s complain

We all have something to gripe about. Get it done!

1. Let’s start with the government giving out $1,400 checks to help people. What happens then? Of course the greedy companies raise the price on almost everything you need.

2. States have been begging for people to get out and vote for years. Then when the people do they want to change the vote. Guess what, politicians, they voted for you. I guess that was a mistake. Now you want to take away that right.

3. It seems we have areas in Carbon County no one cares about. Commissioners say that they can’t help unless the borough councils ask. Council puts it back on the commissioners. Don’t you think this should stop and areas should be improved?

4. What is this garbage about Republican or Democrat? I thought we were Americans. Why are we fighting each other? Time to improve this country and help the guy on the street. You were elected to do a job, not worry if you’ll be re-elected. Because if you do your job, you will be. These two parties have to work together.

5. I want to get back to normal. But some people won’t get the vaccine, why? Do you really want to get this virus? You know you could die?

That’s it for now, folks, let’s all think. We have a brain, use it.

I remain,

Robert (Ski) Siesputowski

Summit Hill