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Inside looking out: What’s going on here?

I am bewildered by some of the things that are going on in our country today. See how many of these questions you have asked yourself and perhaps like me, they have you scratching your head. I’ve also thrown in a few brain teasers just for fun.

How can we sit in moral judgment of government officials and expect that they have perfect character when we are as morally imperfect as they are? Shouldn’t we all be reminded that, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone?”

How has removing Confederate flags in the South helped build racial unity with those Americans who are still racially prejudiced?

If we are condemning everyone who had owned slaves, then shouldn’t we remove the faces of slave owners George Washington and Thomas Jefferson from Mount Rushmore?

Why did the National Congress of American Indians, the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community and the Colorado Indian Tribes demand a name change of the Cleveland Indians when they haven’t dropped the word “Indian,” or what they have called a “racist stereotype,” from their own organizations?

Doesn’t socialism mean that everyone gets something for the common good of all the people? Therefore, has everyone who has complained about socialism returned their stimulus checks and Social Security money they received back to the government?

If the American Cancer Society collected $145.9 million in 2019 for cancer research and Johnson & Johnson took in $56.1 billion in revenue in 2020, then how much more money are they going to need before they find cures for cancer and other diseases?

Do you ever think that chemotherapy kills cancer patients before the disease does?

Why do some TV commercials tell us that a certain prescription medicine could “sometimes cause a fatal reaction” while we are watching a smiling mother playing with her children?

Why do some people think they can teach school just because they were students themselves at one time?

Why on one hand can we have school districts banning books because they don’t want to expose high school students to “inappropriate subject matter,” and on the other hand, many of these same students are playing video games with excessive violence and listening to music with sexually explicit lyrics?

Isn’t it ironic that someone can become a member of a board of education and have zero experience working with school policies, yet be authorized to make curriculum decisions about what the students should be learning?

Who is OK with driving down the turnpike doing 70 mph and a Tesla on autopilot is passing you in the left lane with the “driver” sitting in the back seat?

Do you drive any safer if you get behind a car with a “Caution - Baby on Board” sign?

Would you rather sweat to death at 120 degrees or freeze to death at -25?

Shouldn’t the word “save” be removed from all advertising and replaced with the word “spend”?

Why do our “do-it-yourself” home projects last three times longer than we thought they would before we get them done?

Do people who act stupid in a mob act as stupid when they are alone?

If we’re told God loves everyone, then why do certain religions not openly accept the divorced, gay and transgendered into their churches?

Have you ever gone to a classy restaurant with your significant other and you’re seated next to a table of 10 patrons who keep shouting across the room like they’re fans at a football game?

If stereotyping certain cultures and ethnicities is considered offensive then why did they become stereotyped in the first place?

Wouldn’t you wonder how someone could grow into a full-grown adult and be grilling burgers in the back of his SUV with the liftgate up that caused his car to catch on fire?

How can a day be so long but a year be so short?

If we didn’t have Democrats and Republicans, would Americans not be able to think for themselves and vote for candidates based upon personal ideas not affiliated with a political party?

In light of the extremely opposite political views that have polarized this country, if either side got their way, how would that make America great again with 50 percent of the population still unhappy?

Why are many pro-lifers, who preach about the sanctity of life, in favor of the death penalty?

Why do some parents give their child a common name like “John,” but spell it “Johhn” and now the kid has to spend the rest of his public life correcting the spelling?

If the First Amendment allows us freedom of speech, then why are TV commentators fired from their jobs because they made what were deemed to be offensive remarks?

Why do we celebrate weddings more than anniversaries when being married for years is an accomplishment and two people saying “I do” to each other have accomplished nothing more than announcing an unproven two-word promise?

I suppose that many of these questions raise the issue of the hypocrisy that pervades this country and it seems that a major problem with personal integrity is because we have no privacy anymore. Since our private lives have become public information, we know far too much about everyone than we should or need to know. From the 6 o’clock news to social media sites, everyone sits in judgment of everything and everybody. This makes me think of one more question that might help all of us live together more peacefully in this country.

Why can’t we just mind our own business?

Rich Strack can be reached at richiesadie11@gmail.com.