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Celebrate PA produce month in August

August is PA Produce Month, when most of Pennsylvania’s vegetable crops are at the peak of their season and the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program is aiming to educate consumers on ways to enjoy the abundant harvest.

For Pennsylvanians spending their summer weekends by the grill, the PA Veggies blog offers an array of creative vegetable grilling ideas.

Chef Kristin Butterworth offers a Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Jalapeño Honey recipe; Chef Tim Smith contributes a Grilled Summer Squash with Jalapeño Chimichurri; Chef Richard Landau shares his Heirloom Tomatoes with Grilled Shiitakes and Green Goddess; and Chef Josh Fidler shakes up grilling season with his Mexican Grilled Corn.

“There are lots of vegetables that people don’t ordinarily think of grilling, but actually turn out delicious on the barbecue,” said PA Veggies Executive Secretary William Troxell. “This time of year, Pennsylvania’s farmers markets are full of great options and the recipes on the PA Veggies website make it easy for any grill master who’s willing to experiment.”

The PA Veggies website provides tips, recipes, guides and resources for finding, buying, preparing and enjoying fresh Pennsylvania produce.

For more information, visit www.paveggies.org.