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Weissport receives grant to upgrade drainage systems

Weissport Borough Council has been approved to receive a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to pay for a project to upgrade drainage systems at the intersection of White and Forge Streets in the borough.

Water from storms causes flooding at that intersection.

The plan is to install new drainage that would allow the water to drain to the river.

“The grant was approved by the Carbon County Commissioners,” borough Secretary Jennifer Ketchledge said. “The amount of the grant will be determined once the full costs of the project are finalized.”

Security cameras

The borough is looking to add some security cameras at the borough office building on Allen Street, and additional cameras in the borough park.

“Someone has been throwing things in our trash,” borough President Arland Moyer said. “There was an air-conditioning unit, some storm windows, beer bottles, all kinds of trash.”

Councilman Tom Ketchledge will check into the costs of the added cameras from Secure Tech and get estimates for the next meeting.

Part-time help needed

Weissport Borough is looking to hire a year-round part-time worker. The approved candidate would help with grass cutting, plowing in the winter, and will be trained to use the backhoe as needed, plus other work. Interested applicants can contact the borough at 610-377-5606.

Police department

Williams will look into the costs of equipment needed to run tags in the police car on the spot. At present, he needs to go to his office to do that.

Options include using a laptop computer or a tablet, and using an air card or a secured hot spot to have access to data services.

Williams also provided his monthly report for June 21 to July 19. He had two calls regarding drug paraphernalia, two harassment via communications, two quality of life issues, three traffic violations, three issues with inspection stickers and two abandoned vehicles. He had 22 calls total.

Williams will also look at installing no-trespassing signs in the fenced-off area under the bridge on White Street. He said there were reports about kids throwing rocks and neighbors were concerned that they were getting into that fenced-in area and getting access to dirt and rocks stored there.

“I would suggest you first put up several ‘No Trespassing’ signs there,” borough solicitor Greg Mousseau said. “The chief will be able to cite anyone caught trespassing.”

Trash on the street

The borough also had a complaint about an address on Franklin Street.

Throughout the week a large pile of trash is stacked up on the curb in front of the building.

“We’ve received several complaints from neighbors about the trash,” Moyer said, “not to mention the smell as well as bugs, especially in the hot weather we’ve been having.”

Councilman James Osborne said he would check the ordinance regarding trash. If there is not a clause about not putting trash out more than 24 hours before the scheduled trash pickup, one can be added.

Event committee

The Weissport Events Committee has several events planned. They will hold a yard sale on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the borough park. Police Chief Matthew Williams will offer fingerprinting for children and will have goody bags for the kids.

The committee is also planning a “Haunted Park” on Oct. 30, and a Fall Festival for Nov. 20.

The intersection of White and Forge streets in Weissport, where a Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant has been approved for a project to fix drainage and flooding problems. JIM LOGUE JR./SPECIAL TO THE TIMES NEWS